Virgo 2020 Colorscope

VIRGO: August 22nd - September 22nd

Your Element

As a gorgeous Virgo born during the harvest, your earthy, discerning, and totally independent nature gives you the power to get through any situation with style.

Your Ruling Planet

Virgos have an innate sense of what’s what, with a keen eye for detail. Mercury brings out your precise and practical mindset, as things at home get busier and busier. You’re a self-sufficient, multi-talented badass. Everyone make way because you’re leading the pack.

Your Seasonal Horoscope

Start your birthday month off strong with virtual meetups focused on strengthening your friendships. With a support team of friends who know you have their back, you’ll be able to tend to these relationships then bow out gracefully when it’s time for personal growth. Now is the time to laser in on your financial goals, setting yourself up for success. You might be a maiden sign, but you’re no damsel in distress with all your ducks in a row to prove it. 

Take the time to set plans instead of rushing into anything without looking at the full picture first. Laying the groundwork for a stable financial footing makes for an all-around happier lifestyle that friends are delighted to support. Set the example this fall so friends and family can follow suit and cozy up to a stress-free (or calmer) winter season. While you sit back and watch your hard work pay off, remember to take a breather and give back where you’re able. We’re ready to see you blossom, Virgo!

Your Lucky Hair Colors

Limoncello blonde, toffee brunette, and cinnamon rouge. If you’ve never tried custom color before, take our quiz and see which shades are in your future.

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