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Custom Hair Color Set

Formerly: Made For You Custom Hair Color

Made-to-order custom hair color, individually crafted by a colorist to achieve your ultimate color goal. Includes your unique-to-you color, Personalized Instructions, and everything you need to color at home.

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*On a Color Plan, your first order is just $10 and $20 for future orders.

Why does custom matter?

Because every facet of your individual experience is designed specifically for you. Your personal colorist will factor in your color goals, photos, profile, and hair history to precisely craft your color and assign your developer strength. Plus, features like hair length and color background play into how your application instructions are personalized.

Even the bottle itself is individually dispensed with your unique formula, and is labeled with your name, your Formula ID, and the date we made it.


4x Allure award winner.

Voted “Best Home Hair Color” by Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards.

Woman with red hair color


Never premixed or pre-made, our hair dye offers 100% gray coverage and proven long-lasting results. How? It’s formulated and tested by our cosmetic chemists who specialize in the science of color.

At home custom hair color and developer


We've developed pro-inspired tools that'll help you color at home with skilled precision. Combine that with your Personalized Instructions and online access to expert tips, and you've got salon-worthy color. SEE OUR AWARDS »

What’s inside:

  • Your Custom Color
  • Developer & 2 pairs of Non-Latex Gloves info
  • Tint Brush for professional application
  • Classic Shampoo & Conditioner Packettes
  • Stain Guard & Stain Remover
  • Personalized Instructions
  • Access to a personal colorist

One-on-one hair color guidance.

Consult with industry-experienced colorists who listen to your needs.

Professional hair colorists at eSalon

Our extensive team of professional, licensed colorists hail from critically-acclaimed salons and beauty institutes. They individually review your profile, craft your Color Set, and are available to call when you need extra guidance.

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Client Reviews

POSTED BY: Danielle F.
March 27, 2019

Medium Ash Brown

POSTED BY: Danielle F.
March 27, 2019

It turned out a lot darker than I was expecting, and it left behind a brassy tone, which I kind of expected due to my hair having red tones in it before, but the neutralizer didnt really neutralize it all so theres still quiet a bit of gold/brass showing through. Overall not bad, but also not great. I feel like i could have gotten similar results from a drugstore box hair dye.


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POSTED BY: Desiree R.

Response From Our Experts

Danielle - We apologize that your hair color wasn’t what you expected. Your order is fully backed by our Color Happiness Guarantee, and we would love to work with you to adjust your formula for your next order. Our Color Experts have been in contact via email and will be happy to assist in this process.

POSTED BY: Kimberly O.
April 12, 2019

Fantastic...and CRUELTY-FREE!!!

POSTED BY: Kimberly O.
April 12, 2019

I found eSalon while searching for at-home color that was both cruelty-free and had great reviews. I tried it and absolutely love it! Fine-tuned custom color, the option to change it up when I want, delivery, cute package- all at the same price as mediocre box color in a few shades from the store. The site is fun and ordering is so simple. Applying the first-time kit takes a little bit of time but it's so important to follow the steps to get the best color (and it's really not that much longer than any other color) . The results are just awesome, and I'm one who makes a product blow me away before I leave glowing reviews like this. This one did! This is by far my favorite color I have ever had, and I have been coloring my own hair for over 25 years (I'm 43 with some grey and have played with color since I was a teenager). My hair is super thick and down to my waistline, and somewhat coarse, but this color handled beautifully. It was soft and glossy, perfectly covered my greys but looked completely natural- evenly blended and complimented by skin tone so well. I have never gotten results this great. What I wasn't expecting was how naturally and gradually it faded- I almost couldn't tell where it left off and my new growth began; it seemed to sort of blend away (no line where you could see the old color stopping and new grey coming in like every other brand I've used, if that makes sense). It's hard to explain but it looked so natural, like it blended my new growth in with my color somehow. Even my husband noticed it- he said it's harder to tell when I need to color again with this brand. I could not be happier with my color. I definitely feel like they should brag about being cruelty-free though- make it obvious on the site next to the other reasons to love this company! This is MAJOR criteria for a lot more people besides me! I am happy to support ethical brands like this, especially when they work this well! (Nope-I did not get $ to say all this!) xxx


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POSTED BY: Carissa W.
February 28, 2019

Perfect grey coverage, but....

POSTED BY: Carissa W.
February 28, 2019

I ordered my first custom hair color kit in the beginning of February and finally just colored my hair 2 days ago. My stubborn greys are completely gone but it seems that my grey roots picked up more of the mahogany tone from my Dark Chocolate Brown than my ends did. It's apparently "not too noticeable" to other people but I notice it. Especially if I put my hair up in a messy bun or something. The ends don't match the roots 100%. I will say, though, that happens to me every single time I color my hair myself. The other problem that I had was with the harsh chemical odor of the 2nd bottle of color I used- the one that was for my ends. I had no problem with the odor from the first bottle, it barely had a smell at all. As soon as I poured the color liquid from the 2nd bottle into it's respective bottle of developer, the fumes immediately wafted out and started burning my eyes and also making it very hard for me to breathe (I have allergen induced asthma). I had the door open and the window open with the vent turned on in the bathroom. I have never, ever smelled a dye so harsh. It was difficult for me to leave it in for the full 5 minutes. And when it came time for me to add water to that bottle, pour over my whole head, and then massage it in, it was difficult for me to continue massaging my hair for the 2-3 minutes called for. After I rinsed my hair and then shampooed and conditioned it the odor was completely gone. And unlike other at home dyes I have used, I did not find any chemical scent lingering in my hair. It just smelled like shampoo! That was a welcome surprise. I am also very impressed with how incredibly shiny my hair came out. It has a very glossy look to it. The texture of my hair feels fantastic also. Nice and soft and silky. So my only real problem was the odor of the 2nd bottle of color. I think as far as my roots being a slightly different shade than my ends, I think that's just something that is always going to happen to me.


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POSTED BY: Carrie R.
March 2, 2019

Perfect colour, needs serious washing out

POSTED BY: Carrie R.
March 2, 2019

First time using esalon. Very impressed with the kit contents and ease of application, although mixture slightly more runny than I’m used to, resulting in blobs around the bathroom! Final colour is exactly as I wanted. My one criticism is the level of washing it then requires to get a rather odd greasy slick out of your hair. I shampoo’d three times with shampoo sent and then my regular and I still have a strange coating on parts of my hair. That said I would use again for the fact the colour is spot on and the hair that has washed clean feels in great condition. Would just give it several more goes with shampoo before getting out the shower next time!


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POSTED BY: Kaitlyn E.
May 14, 2019

Awesome Customer Service

POSTED BY: Kaitlyn E.
May 14, 2019

Without a doubt THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVERRRR. I have a University degree in business with a major in Marketing and I hardly write reviews unless I know that the company deserves it. Boy, do they ever deserve it! My first round of hair colour was nice, I liked it but it didn't stick to my roots. I told this to esalon and they sent me an entirely FREE (WITH FREE SHIPPING!) new kit to try. It worked SO amazing. I'm so incredibly happy and I will recommend this product to any of my friends. 10/10!


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