Why Co-washing is the Key to Long-lasting Color

Keep your hair color going strong with this one simple product.

It's one thing to get the color of your dreams, but it's another thing entirely to be able to keep it as vibrant as it was on day one. After a few weeks, every wash seems to dull its original radiance and shine. Lucky for you, there are several solutions to help hit the pause button on your color and allow it to last longer. Our favorite solution? Using our Cream CoWash. In this article, we’ll tell you all about this new craze, why it helps keep your color fresh, and give you the details on our very own Cream CoWash.

Why does hair color fade and how?

There are many reasons why your hair color may start to fade after a few weeks like rinsing with burning hot water, exposure to the sun, chlorine in the swimming pool, and, of course, hydration. 

One of the most common reasons that hair color begins to fade is that the hair needs more moisture. When your hair is dry and porous it can cause the pH levels to become unbalanced, and thus the hair color pigments may start to fade sooner than usual. 

However, even the most hydrated hair can also lose color over time. Too frequent shampooing, hard water, treatments with sulfates—they all have an impact on the cuticle of the hair. Any of these can cause the cuticle to open more easily and thus, allow the color molecules to escape.

Colorist Tip: To allow your strands to soak in the maximum amount of hair color, our Color Pro Pre-color Balancer primes the hair for color application. Think of it as a makeup primer, but for your lovely locks.

What is a co-wash?

When co-washing first became a trend a few years back, it was described as using a conditioner instead of shampoo on one of your wash days. Since then, it has evolved to special cleansing formulas that are created to purify the scalp, protect weakened hair and provide shine without the stripping effect of many shampoos. The co-wash is ultimately a hydrating, non-aggressive hair refresh that allows your hair to get a bit of a break.

Colorist Tip: All hair types benefit from this break between two shampoos, especially people with color-treated hair, our curly-haired friends, anyone prone to frizz, over-processed hair, and even hair that easily gets greasy. That is because co-washing does not strip away as much of our natural oils which allows you to wash more often while reducing damage from one-too-many shampoos.

Tips for When and How to Use a Co-wash

1. Alternate co-wash days with shampoo. 

The urge to wash your hair in the shower every day can get insistent, but we assure you it's worth the wait for a day or two longer. In the beginning, try using our Cream CoWash in-between your regular wash routine. This will allow your natural oils to flourish and keep your hair and scalp healthy — plus, co-washing is gentle on your hair color! 

2. Focus on the scalp. 

When adding a co-wash to your hair care regimen, make sure to focus on the scalp to remove as much product build-up as possible. Try massaging the product in using a circular motion and give yourself a mini scalp massage. This will help give you that squeaky clean look and feel without stripping the hair. 

3. Freshen up after a sweat sesh. 

This is where a good co-wash can work wonders! You can use the lightweight conditioner of your choice, or opt for our dedicated Cream CoWash treatment. This satiny cream gently cleanses while hydrating. All those reluctant to 2-in-1 care will be turned into believers for sure!

Get to Know Our Cream CoWash

Our signature Cream CoWash formula is enriched with an array of hair-healthy ingredients including: 

- Quinoa 

Helps extend the radiance of your hair color

- Sea Buckthorn Extract

Boosts each strand's resilience

- Borage Oil 

Helps calm dry scalps

- Evening Primrose Oil 

Strengthens and softens hair 

- Keratin 

Strengthens the hair and detangles for a manageable finish

The result of our Cream CoWash? Your lovely mane is left untangled, frizz-free, and your hair color remains radiant. Plus the refreshing scent will make our CoWash your new color-shielding go-to!

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