Highly personalized hair color. Customized for you.

Create your custom formula

Mia with eSalon red hair

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how we make your custom color

So you get exactly the color you want.


One: Complete our survey and get matched with an eSalon colorist.


Two: Your colorist analyzes your answers and creates the perfect formula to reach your desired color.


Three: Your eSalon application conveniently arrives at your door, ready to work its magic.

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See the eSalon way

We believe beautiful, high-quality hair color should be accessible to everyone—without the uncertainties of pre-filled retail products or the excessive expense of salons. Check out our video to see how our award-winning custom hair color works.

Made For You hair color bottles

Custom blended just for you

eSalon leaves boxed color in the dust – on drugstore shelves.

At eSalon, we don’t pre-make anything. Our hair color is crafted, one-by-one, with the exact formula your eSalon colorist feels will best attain your goals. Two people with differing hair profile characteristics might need entirely different formulas or application instructions to achieve the same desired look. This is why we feel pre-filled color in a box couldn’t possibly work for everyone.

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Our Colorists are at your service

When you put your hair in the hands of our renowned experts, you can be sure you’ll get the best color of your life. Just like in a salon, our colorists are here for you every step of the way, whether your color needs a touch-up, a small change or you're in the mood for something entirely new.

It's all in the kit

Trust us, your friends won’t believe you did it yourself!

Hair color and developer

hair color and developer
Your colorist will pair your color with the appropriate volume developer to achieve your goals.

Shampoo and conditioner

shampoo and conditioner
Sulfate-free and packed with beneficial amino acids and proteins to nourish hair and seal in color.

Stain remover and stain guard

Coloring your hair is a breeze with non-latex gloves, an applicator brush, stain guard and remover.

Quality Ingredients

The best ingredients go inside, so you look your best on the outside.

We use only the highest-quality ingredients and pigments in our advanced salon grade formulas. This allows us to deliver superior gray coverage along with rich, long-lasting, healthy hair color.

Model with short red hair
  • vitamin e helps condition dry hair & scalp
  • provitamin b5 moisturizes hair
  • keratin gives hair strength & flexibility
  • silk amino acid strengthens & conditions the hair
  • soybean protein improves hair body & texture
  • aloe vera moisturizes, adds shine & helps manageability
  • chamomile moisturizes
  • wheat protein replenishes & strengthens the hair
  • Love adds brilliance & boosts happiness