Best Red Hair Colors to Try Right Now

Find your inner fashionista with these fiery red hues.

Red hair colors are some of the hottest hues in the beauty industry—and for good reason. From soft strawberry to vibrant true red, these fiery hair colors can help ignite your style with character and depth. Feeling inspired? Discover our colorists’ top picks for some of the Best Red Hair Colors to Try Right Now. 

Runway Red

For the supermodel in all of us, this deep red hair color makes a bold statement. Using intense red tones to electrify this high-fashion hue, Runway Red is perfect for those who crave a vibrant and head-turning look. Its natural vibrancy beautifully complements fair skin tones and green or blue eyes, creating a striking contrast.

Woman with Runway Red hair.

Deep Berry Red

If fruity and flirty is your style, Deep Berry Red has your name written all over it. By blending red and pearl tones into a brunette base, this multi-dimensional shade toes the line between a classic and fantasy hair color. Deep Berry Red enhances the warmth in medium to dark skin tones and pairs well with brown or hazel eyes.

Woman with Deep Berry Red hair.

Royal Copper Spice

For a more classic copper hue, we love Royal Copper Spice. Whether you’re starting as a dark blonde or a light brunette, the addition of intense copper tones adds vibrancy to your look, helping you to channel some major regal vibes. This majestic hue is both warm and rich, creating a spice-inspired masterpiece fit for royalty. Royal Copper Spice enhances any skiing complexions with warm undertones and effortlessly flatters green or hazel eyes.

Woman with Royal Copper Spice hair.

Ravishing Copper Red

Unleash your inner allure with Ravishing Copper Red. Featuring a mix of copper and red tones, you can decide how bold or soft you want to go with this look. Amp up the reds for a more daring hue and go for more copper tones for added glow. Either way, this shade enhances complexions with warm undertones and pairs beautifully with brown or hazel eyes, creating a stunning focal point.

Woman with Ravishing Copper Red hair.

Sleek Cinnamon Red

Sleek Cinnamon Red is quiet luxury at its finest. This sophisticated hue embodies warmth and refinement, creating a chic and modern look with an edgy finish. By mixing both copper and red tones, Sleek Cinnamon Red is versatile, complementing various skin tones and adding a touch of spice to any ensemble. This shade also enhances the natural beauty of brown or hazel eyes.

Woman with Sleek Cinnamon Red hair.

Revitalize your look and express your daring side with eSalon's Best Red Hair Colors to Try Right Now. Whether you're drawn to the vintage charm of copper or the intense allure of true red, these captivating shades are designed to leave you feeling confident and fabulous. Explore the world of red and redefine your style with these fiery and fashionable hues.