Best Brunette Hair Colors to Try Right Now

From the soft and sweet to the bold and bright, we're breaking down our favorite brunette hair color trends.

When you’re thinking of trying a new hair color, brunette might not be the first shade that comes to mind—but brown hair colors are actually some of the most versatile and flattering hues out there. So let’s dive into the world of gorgeous brown shades with our expert colorist picks for the Best Brunette Hair Colors to Try Right Now. From the bold to the luminous, these stunning shades are designed to elevate your look and bring out the best in your natural beauty.

Honey Dipped Brunette

Add a touch of sweetness to your style with Honey Dipped Brunette. Featuring a dark brown base combined with face-framing highlights, this hair color creates a luscious and multidimensional look. To make this style your own, you can play with adding a few blonde highlights throughout or experimenting with mocha and caramel tones for a darker color result.


Intense Espresso

For those who prefer a deep, velvety hue, Intense Espresso is the answer. This nearly black hair color exudes timeless elegance, making a bold statement without overpowering your natural features. Its soft finish creates a classic and sophisticated look that complements nearly any skin tone.


Luminous Brunette

This hair color trend is all about the shine. Luminous Brunette gives your hair a healthy-looking glow with a dark brown base complemented by natural golden tones. The result is a natural-looking shine that’s ideal for those who want to embrace a radiant shade of brunette.

Woman with straight, shiny Luminous Brunette hair.

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle

Similar to the cherry cola trend, Raspberry Chocolate Truffle offers a delicious red sheen to a classic brunette look. To customize this hair color, we start with a medium brown base and add a personalized amount of mahogany pearl tones to give this hue an iridescent yet decadent finish that complements your natural features. We love how this shade balances luxury with a playful attitude for a look that's as irresistible as the sweet treat itself.

Woman with curly hair dyed Raspberry Chocolate Truffle.

Brown Sugar Brunette

As inviting as a brown sugar latte, this soft shade of brunette is effortlessly stylish. The addition of cool beige tones gives this medium brown hair color a subtle warmth that flatters nearly any complexion. It’s a cozy yet chic choice for those who want a more soft and glowing brunette look.

Woman with Brown Sugar Brunette hair color.

Whether you're drawn to the bold, the sweet, or the luminous, eSalon's Best Brunette Hair Colors to Try Right Now offer a spectrum of choices to suit every style and personality. Refresh your look and express yourself with these stunning shades that redefine the beauty of brunette hair.