Your Summer Stock Up On Color Care is Here

Give your summer hair some extra TLC.

Sunny days are here which means it’s time to show your hair some extra love. With everything from UV-rays to humidity to dips in the pool, summer can seriously stress out your hair and your custom color

Lucky for you, the eSalon team is always hard at work to bring you the best color-safe styling and hair care products to keep your lovely locks going strong all season long, no matter your hair type. If you’re ready to stock up on your summer hair and color care must-haves, read on to see our Colorists’ top picks and how they can help you achieve the summer hair of your dreams.

Summer Need: Smooth Frizzy Hair

In the summer, our hair tends to get more frizzy because it needs more moisture. Frizz happens when the hair cuticle opens up and is searching for hydration in the environment (hello, humidity), which causes those pesky flyaways. In order to prevent frizz, you need to lock in the moisture with the right styling products. 

Velvet Primer, $15

Even the frizziest hair is no match for our Velvet Primer. Infused UV-shielding Sunflower Seed Extract and strengthening Chamomile Extract, this styling product lays a smooth foundation for some of your favorite hairstyles. Perfect for blowouts or heatless styling, this lightweight smoothing balm softens and strengthens strands for a sleek, frizz-free finish. 

Shine Silk, $18

Packed with results-focused ingredients like Argan Oil and Aloe, this lightweight serum adds a radiant shine and banishes frizz with just a few pumps. Simply apply from mid-length to ends to smooth dryness and add an extra dash of hair color protection. 

Summer Need: Replenish Lost Moisture

With warmer temperatures and sun-drenched days, it’s easy for hair to become dry and brittle in the summer. The best way to keep dryness at bay is to amp up your moisture throughout the summer months. Our Colorists suggest that you make hydration a priority in nearly every step of your hair care routine with our hydration-focused products. 

Weekly Retreat, $15

Indulge in this rich hair mask once a week to replenish and nourish your strands. Avocado Oil penetrates deep into the cuticle to moisturize from the inside out, while Argan and Jojoba Oil defend to fortify your hair from environmental stressors for a major punch of long-lasting hydration. 

Universal Leave-In, $15

Summer is the perfect time to add a leave-in conditioner to your daily routine. Fortified with Rice Bran Extract and Rice Seed Protein, our Universal Leave-In delivers round-the-clock moisture to beat the heat. Designed to complement every hair type, apply this lightweight cream after your shower for all-day hydration. 

Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner Duo, $30

Everyone needs a quality shampoo and conditioner in their repertoire and this Moisture Duo is a summertime no-brainer. Packed with ingredients like color-shielding Quinoa and moisturizing Avocado Oil, this unbeatable combo seamlessly fits into your summer lifestyle and gives your hair the moisture it needs. 

Summer Need: Turn Up the Volume

Ever wondered why your hair falls flat in the summer? Many of us are using more products to shield hair from environmental stress, which eventually can cause buildup and weigh hair down. On top of sweat, humidity, and oily roots, there are many reasons why your hair might lose some of its body—especially if you’re not using products that are right for your hair. Focus on using lightweight products that can help revive that lift and put some pep in your hair’s step. 

Invisible Dry Cleanser, $15

We all know dry shampoo is the key to a quick hair refresh, but it can also double as a volumizing spray. This lightweight cleansing spray pulls excess oils from your hair while keeping your style on point with nourishing Vitamin E. Simply spray a little at the roots while lifting your hair at the roots to get a subtle boost of volume.

Volume Shampoo & Conditioner Duo, $30

The simplest way to pump up the volume on flat tresses is to use our Volume Shampoo and Conditioner Duo in the shower. The SLS- and SLES-free Shampoo gently washes away any lingering buildup and the Conditioner adds volume with a touchably soft finish—all while protecting your custom color thanks to Quinoa and Sunflower Seed Extract. 

Summer Need: UV Stress and Protection from Heat Damage

Perhaps the leading culprit for summer stressed strands comes from the sun’s UV rays. Too much sun exposure can cause color fade, breakage, dryness, and an array of other UV-induced symptoms.  Much like how you put sunscreen on your face each morning, your hair needs protection from the sun as well, especially in the summer months. Whether you’re styling your hair or cleansing in the shower, you’ll want to add these products to your summer rotation. 

Triple Prep, $15

Our Triple Prep heat protectant spray is one of summer’s greatest hits because it does far more than just defend hair from heat styling. Quinoa steps in to extend and protect hair color, Panthenol adds shine and boosts smoothness, and Chamomile Extract strengthens and nourishes strands for a healthy-looking finish. Spritz this versatile spray onto your hair before styling and you’ll have a summer-ready look in no time. 

Repair Shampoo & Conditioner Duo, $30

When you notice signs of damage in your hair (like split-ends and breakage) or want to prevent it in the first place, cue our Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Duo. The color-friendly Shampoo builds strength and gently cleanses while the rich Conditioner breathes new life into weakened or fragile hair. Featuring results-driven ingredients like Hibiscus and Camellia Leaf Extract, expect to uncover happy, healthy hair. 

Color Pro Pre-Color Balancer, $10

When used as a pre-shampoo treatment, our multi-tasking porosity spray acts like a makeup primer for your hair. A staple in professional salons, this Aloe Vera-rich product binds to weak areas in your cuticles to protect color from water-induced fade and doubles as a detangler. 

The best part about our summer-ready hair and color care products is that you can mix and match them to achieve your individual hair needs. Each of our products uses our signature Five-factor Approach (Protect, Shield, Nourish, Replenish, and Reinforce) to deliver results so that you and your hair can go out and enjoy summer to the fullest. Plus, you'll be ready for anything fall has in store for you and your color.