Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Brunette Color-Rich

Brunette is a popular color category for a reason—it's a versatile, universally-loved base that can easily go warm or cool. While it's easier to maintain than a red or a blonde, every brunette can benefit from a few pro tips. These top ten from our hair color experts will help keep your brown brilliant, rich, and fresh as can be.

01 Ingredients Matter

Color care 101: always opt for shampoos, conditioners, and stylers that are labeled “safe for color-treated hair.” These products are formulated without sulfates and parabens, which could leave brunettes faded, or bring out unwanted red or gold tones (aka brass).

02 Deep Condition

Get ahead of process-worn locks with a moisturizing deep conditioner the day before your color application, and once a week thereafter. It'll infuse hair with the moisture it needs to minimize breakage and dullness.

03 Skip The Suds

Truth alert! Water dulls hair color. But you can slow your fade by limiting washes and getting a good dry shampoo for the off days. Ours has panthenol and vitamin E, so it can cleanse hair without drying it out.

04 Take A Cold Shower

When you do suds up, give just-conditioned hair a nice cold rinse to seal the cuticle and preserve your color. While some folks disagree on this one, we're decidedly pro. Added bonus? A spritz under cold water and you'll feel more alive than ever—promise.

05 Condition To Swim

Between dried-out strands and altered tones, chlorine can be color kryptonite. But don't let that keep you from the pool! Avoid over-chlorination by wetting hair with tap water and adding just a tad of conditioner before you take a dip.

06 Wear A Hat

We're just gonna say it—the sun is a serious culprit in the case of fading color. Extend the life of your shade (and protect yourself from UV rays) by covering up whenever you hit the great outdoors.

Image of woman's back of head brunette hair color with hand in hair

07 Stick To Your Roots

Applying over previously colored hair can cause over-processing or uneven results. To make sure your brunette stays brilliant and dimensional, keep the touch-ups strictly to regrowth, and avoid overlapping.

08 Nurture Your Color

Stay vibrant between applications with an enhancing treatment like our Tint Rinse —the colorist secret weapon here at eSalon. It's available in a range of shades, so you can target your treatment and prevent the lightening that can happen over time.

09 Handle With Care

Whether you're going straight or curling up, applying heat with styling tools can make hair more porous, and that means it's more difficult for the strands to hold onto color. Safeguard against thermal aggressors and keep color going strong with a heat protectant.

10 Get Your Shine On

Keep locks looking brilliant and healthy with a shine enhancer. Not only will it moisturize and leave hair glimmering, but it'll even provide protection from the color-fading sun. #Win.