How to Make Your Hair Care Routine More Sustainable

Declutter your daily routine with these handy tips that keep the planet in mind.

In the ever-evolving beauty landscape, the push towards sustainability is not just a trend—it's a necessary shift to help preserve our planet for future generations. At eSalon, we're passionate about empowering our community to embrace beauty regimens that not only make them feel fabulous but also care for our ecosystem. So, how can you make your hair care routine more sustainable? Let's explore.

Take stock of your current routine.

Take a moment to reassess your current routine: Are there products collecting dust? Items you bought on a whim but rarely use? This is the perfect time to declutter and streamline your beauty regimen. Whether you use up those old products or empty the containers before recycling them, this will help ensure that you're only investing in products that serve you well.

Invest in multi-tasking, high-quality products.

After going through your products, see if you can simplify your routine with multi-tasking heroes that offer more than one benefit. Take our Shine Silk for example. This Argan Oil-infused shine serum can be used as both a finisher on dry hair or on damp hair before styling for added polish. This approach not only saves space in your beauty bag but also minimizes the number of products you consume, reducing your overall environmental footprint. 

Additionally, investing in salon-quality products usually means you need to use less. For instance, our shampoos and conditioners use a professional-grade formula so a little goes a long way. Lower-grade hair care products often water down their formulas so you have to use more of them. Thus, not only do you reduce consumption with high-quality hair care but you also get maximum efficacy.

Look for products with eco-friendly packaging.

Packaging plays a huge role in the beauty industry's environmental impact. When shopping for your next hair care must-have, look for brands that prioritize eco-friendly packaging, like eSalon. Many of our products feature packaging materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, or made from post-consumer recycled content. In addition, Weekly Retreat, Universal Leave-In, and Shine Silk use bottles and tubes made from sugarcane bioresin which helps lower our overall demand for plastic. Supporting brands like eSalon not only helps reduce waste but also encourages more companies to think green.

Use less water when showering.

An often-overlooked aspect of a sustainable beauty routine involves one of our most precious resources: water. By making a conscious effort to use less water when showering, you can significantly reduce your environmental impact. Consider shortening your showers and turning off the water while conditioning your hair or using a hair mask. Not only does this conserve water, but it also saves energy used to heat the water, doubling the impact of your actions. You can go the extra mile by opting for water-efficient showerheads that can further reduce water usage without sacrificing your shower experience. 

Recycle at new beauty recycle depots.

Despite our best efforts, some beauty product packaging can't be recycled through regular municipal recycling programs. This is where beauty recycle depots come in. These depots specialize in recycling beauty product containers, giving them a new life beyond the landfill. By taking the time to drop off your empty containers at these depots, you're taking an active step towards a more sustainable world.

Incorporating these practices into your beauty routine might seem like small steps, but collectively, they make a significant impact. At eSalon, we believe that beauty comes from not just looking good, but feeling good about the choices we make for ourselves and our planet. Let's embrace sustainability with open arms and make our beauty routines a reflection of the world we want to see.