Hair Color Hacks: Beauty Influencer Edition

Looking for tips and tricks to dye your hair at home? We’ve pulled together our favorite hair color hacks from beauty influencers who really know their stuff.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to home hair color, shortcuts help to make self-coloring much easier. From preventing stains to tackling hard-to-see areas, these hair color tips save you time and money. Warning: these videos are addicting.

Silvia Reis of “Elle Bangs”

Silvia of “Elle Bangs” is a professional stylist who’s got a knack for breaking down technical beauty applications into simple, easy-to-follow steps. In this video, she shows you how to do a seamless root touch-up at home.

HACK 1: Color Your Regrowth Only

When it comes to touching up roots, we love Sylvia’s reminder to never overlap color: “We’re going to apply just where there are roots and natural hair regrowth. Just covering that with color and leaving the highlights and the rest of the hair untouched.”

HACK 2: Mix Color in the Plastic Tray

If you’re in a pinch like Sylvia and don’t have a Coloring Bowl, you can use the plastic tray that comes inside the kit. This works because the bowl is plastic and not metal (which you should never use). Pouring color into a metal bowl would cause a reaction, changing the finish of your shade.

HACK 3: Use Sectioning Clips

The key to getting an evenly blended color that looks amazing from root to tip is in your sectioning. “As you can see here I’ve parted the hair down the center grabbing thin sections, about ¼ inch or less, depending on how thick your hair is. This will ensure that you completely saturate your roots and that you have not missed any spots.” We recommend you use Sectioning Clips, so you can see the area you’re working on more clearly.

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Tina Lee of “Makeup Wearables”

Tina Lee is a bold and experimental DIYer who saves us all time and money. In this video, she shows us how to apply salon-worthy color and maintain balayage at home.

HACK 1: Use Chapstick to Prevent Stains

Think your chapstick is only for chapped lips? With this quick trick, you can turn an everyday item into a money-saving, scrappy solution. “If you don’t have a Stain Guard or Stain Remover, use your chapstick or any kind of waxy lipstick as a stain block before coloring.” Apply the chapstick to your hairline, then wipe it away with a warm washcloth.

HACK 2: Mask Before You Color

We recommend this self-care, priming step to all of our clients. That way, your strands stay healthy and hydrated, ready to absorb your color. “Do a nourishing hair mask a day or two before applying your color. It restructures the hair, so it looks shiny, and the color lasts longer.” Your hair will thank you.

HACK 3: Use Hair Color to Remove Hair Color Stains

No one likes hair color on their ears, and this tip doesn’t require anything extra to wipe away the evidence. “Did you guys know that if you don’t have a Stain Remover at home, you can use your hair color to remove hair color stains? I’m going to take some leftover hair color and rub it into my skin to remove the stains. And then right before I take this off, what I’m going to do is rub the roots slightly to soften any lines created by the new color application.” We’ve got a few quick tips from our colorists on removing hair color stains here as extra options.

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Bonnie Hoellein of ""

Bonnie is one of our favorite pro stylists who also doubles as Superwoman(mom). In this video, she shows us how to color at home and effortlessly blending out regrowth.

HACK 1: Don’t Buy Pre-Made, Boxed Color

Coloring your hair at home for the first time? ”What I would recommend you not do is go to the store and buy a boxed color from the store. Why? Because it’s just really harsh stuff.” It also helps to go to the salon to get the base color you want, so all you have to do is maintain it. Better yet, try a custom color that’s made just for you, so it’s exactly the shade you want. Plus, color is best when it’s fresh.

HACK 2: Start With Your Grays

You’ll need to update your application technique when you go gray. Try this: “If you’re gray you want to start in the front of your hair; if you're not gray, you want to start in the back of your hair, because the longer the color sits, the darker that it gets and the more it penetrates. So if you’re gray, you want the coverage up front, and if you’re not, you want the darkest on the bottom and not the top.” Now you see them. Now you don’t.

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With these hacks to guide you, salon-worthy hair color is just a click away. Loving these posts? Check out our ‘how-tos’ for more fabulous hair care and color tips. And don’t forget to join us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.