5 Tips for Maintaining Dark Hair Colors

It’s a common misconception that darker hair colors are easier to maintain than lighter shades. The truth is that all hair color needs a little love to keep it glowing. 

When you’ve finally found the dreamiest shade of espresso brunette or black hair color to match your eyes and skin tone, there’s no way you’re going to let it go without a fight. But how do you keep color fade at bay? Our colorists have a few tips to help boost your color-care game and keep your dark shades richer than ever.

TIP 1: Don’t over-wash

We know it can be tough to ignore the urge to wash your hair after yoga, but skip it for the sake of your shade. It’s best to wait a day or two after you’ve applied color to wash your hair so that the pigment has a chance to settle into your follicles. Washing too often can cause color fade and strip your hair of its natural oils. Instead, try using a dry shampoo that can soak up excess oil without leaving a residue on darker hair. Our Dry Cleanser helps to refresh and lift your strands so that your color and style can live another day. Bonus points if your dry shampoo also helps shield your strands from sunlight and environmental stressors (ours does).

TIP 2: Use color-safe products

We’re firm believers that your custom color deserves the best care, so it’s important to use cleansers, conditioners, and styling products that care for your color. Ingredients like quinoa, wheat proteins, and sunflower seed extract can help maintain your dark hair color. Taking stock of what you have and swapping those products that contain those “not-so-good” sulfates for specifically-formulated color care is essential. If you need recommendations, your colorist is always happy to help. 

TIP 3: Use a color-enhancer between washes

Your hair color can become slightly dull over time with heat styling, sun exposure, and over-washing—it happens. While it’s important to have color-loving hair care to extend your color, you can also refresh your shade in between applications with a color enhancer. We recommend using our Tint Rinse to add temporary pigment to your strands between washes and restore vibrancy. Plus, you’ll get a glorious shine boost while you’re at it.

TIP 4: Use a Custom Ends Refresher

If you love the way your hair color looks and just want to restore it to its former glory, we offer our clients a Custom Ends Refresher to do it. An Ends Refresher is a second bottle of custom hair color that’s made specifically for your mid-lengths to ends. Not everyone needs a second bottle of color to accomplish this color revival, so give your colorists a call or send them an email to see if it’s an option for you. We like to think of this second bottle as a magical elixir that revives and breathes life back into your color. 

TIP 5: Moisturize

Moisture is the base of gorgeous hair color, which is why our colorists recommend adding a weekly deep conditioner to your routine. Dry hair is porous, prone to split ends, and may not take color easily. Hydrated hair is healthier, stronger, and absorbs color best for a seamless application every time. To make sure your hair is moisturized through drier seasons, use a weekly hair mask in addition to your color-loving conditioners.

Interested in finding the right dark hair color for you and tips to make it last? Good news! You can try custom hair color for just $22 here and get a personal colorist to craft it just for you.