Sagittarius 2020 Colorscope

November 21st - December 20th

Your Element

Heads turn when a fiery Sagittarius walks into a room, and for good reason—Your inner fire lights the way. Your passion, momentum, and faith (even when times get rough) are an inspiration to friends and family. Your fearless, go-getter attitude is what drives you to pursue your dreams with gusto. Ignite that fiery passion (gifted to you by the cosmos), and in true Sagittarius style, finish the year strong.

Your Ruling Planet

Thanks to your ruling planet Jupiter, aka the bringer of luck and joy, you carry a free-spirited enthusiasm and a worldly outlook that is both open-minded and sophisticated. The world truly is your oyster. 

Your Seasonal Horoscope

Happy Birthday, archer! Sagittarius season has begun. Indulging in a little me time is just what the astrological-doctor ordered. Sneaking off for an adventure is likely impossible but steal a little time away for yourself. Whether it’s a solo afternoon escape or simply closing the door and wearing noise-canceling headphones, savor those solitary, self-care moments.

If 2020 has made one thing abundantly clear, it's this: you are a giver. As we approach the holidays, pay it forward by offering to pick up groceries for an older neighbor or find other creative ways to help. Channel Mr. Rogers and give with an open heart.  

As we inch closer to 2021, give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve earned it. Because let's be real—who hasn't in 2020? Recognize how far you have come, all you have going for you, and get clear on the life you want to build for yourself. Your personal growth spurt this year has primed you to manifest your dreams. Plant a few seeds of joy this season and let them grow through Spring. Reap the rewards in the months to come, dear Sag. 

Your Lucky Hair Colors

Fancy astrology-approved hair color? Roll out the virtual red carpet—these shades are written in the stars for you: Blonde Latte, Ash Brunette, and Glossy Garnet. Take our Color Quiz and our colorists will craft your power shade, made custom just for you. 

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