Taurus 2020 Colorscope

TAURUS: April 19th - May 19th

Your Element

Your cool-headed, steady nature means you have two feet on the ground at all times just like your element dictates. While everyone else is daydreaming, you’re planting seeds and watching them grow. 

Your Ruling Planet

You’re one of the two signs governed by the planet of indulgence and love, Venus, lending you a decadent palette and an eye for beauty.

Your Seasonal Horoscope

Exciting projects now have your full attention while you’re holding down the fort at home, Taurus. You’re taking the bull by the horns (pun intended) and a new position this month, offering more responsibility than ever. While you’re busy delegating tasks, take some time to focus on you and be open to fresh ideas—let your team help you out remotely. Your ability to power through under pressure is legendary, just remember to keep your cool when folks start to push your buttons. We know you can do it and make it look easy, bull. 

Work relationships might need a minute to fully flourish, especially while everything is digital. Navigate disruptions by simply taking your time, be flexible, and you can look forward to a lucrative summer of gains! May 7th is a gorgeous day for creative collaborations and self–care.

Your Lucky Hair Colors

Caramel blonde, rich mahogany brunette, and terracotta red.

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