5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Color Vibrant All Summer Long

Beat the summer heat with these color care tips.

For most of us, summertime is the season of fun. The same cannot be said for our hair color, however. From harmful UV rays and salty beaches to chlorine-filled pools and sweaty afternoons, some of our favorite summer activities can take a major toll on our hair color. To keep your custom shade vibrant this summer, read on to discover our colorists’ tips on how to keep your hair color from fading all season long. 

1. Stick to cold-water rinses.

After a day of lounging in the hot sun, it’s best to rinse your hair with cool water rather than take a warm shower. A quick rinse with cool water benefits your hair in the warmer months since it keeps the cuticles closed, which can also help keep your hair color from fading.

Washing your hair in hot water also dries your scalp, which can result in itchiness and dandruff. Another reason to use cooler water when showering? Warmer water temperatures make your roots weak and can leave your hair frizzy and unmanageable. Your hair’s texture faces a lot of damage when showering in hot water, so by taking the cooler route you may help prevent breakage. 

2. Skip a wash day and use a CoWash instead. 

When the temperature is hot outside, it can be difficult to resist washing your hair every time you break into a sweat. Since rinsing your hair every day can lead to your hair dye fading faster than you’d like, keep your color vibrant by trying to skip a full wash day and opt for a cream cleanser, like our Cream CoWash.  

This cleanser-meets-conditioner is fortified with ingredients like color-shielding Quinoa and soothing Borage Oil for a summer-ready finish. Click here for a deeper look into the ingredients and benefits of our Cream CoWash.

3. Wet and condition hair before going swimming.

Whether you’re going for a dip in the ocean or the pool, wetting and conditioning your hair beforehand can make a major difference. The salt in seawater can cause major color fade, while the chlorine in pool water can potentially discolor your hair, sometimes leaving strands with a strange green tinge. 

To prevent swim-induced color fade, wetting and conditioning your hair before you dive in can make a huge difference. The conditioner may help your hair absorb less of the chlorine and bleach in the water — and it doubles as leave-in treatment while you swim. Wetting your hair before swimming a few laps also helps the cuticle soak up much less of the potentially stressful chemicals and water than when it is dry.

4. Use hot styling tools sparingly.

Our in-house colorists recommend avoiding the use of hot tools (like hair dryers and flat irons) when you’re in blistering temps. Heat isn’t the best thing for your hair’s health as it can stress your tresses out, causing damage and lackluster color. This rings especially true during the summertime when temps are at their highest. 

The summer months are the right time to try out heatless styles. We can’t get enough of a side braid during this season. Simply smooth hair with a small amount of our Velvet Primer to create a manageable, frizz-free look. 

Your side braid is also the secret to creating heatless curls. 

Unbraid your hair down later in the day and watch as your hair bounces into effortlessly chic, beachy waves that are ready for a night out on the town. We can’t promise this won’t become a new favorite style of yours, as it gives your look that summertime sparkle you can’t get from a hot tool. 

If you can’t resist the temptation to use your heat styling tools this summer, we recommend using our summer-approved Triple Prep heat protectant spray. This lightweight shield protects hair from heat and harmful environmental stressors, like UV rays. 

5. Touch up or tone your shade in between color applications. 

At the end of the day, your hair color may just need a little more love in the summer. You can touch up your look with Tint Rinse when it starts looking less than fabulous. This professional-grade color-enhancing treatment also makes an incredible toner if your color starts to look orange, warm, or brassy. 

Tint Rinse is also made with thoughtfully-selected ingredients to keep your hair healthy while simultaneously enriching your color. Formulated with Collagen to retain moisture and improve manageability, as well as Wheat Protein to smooth the cuticle and add shine, this treatment is a summer must-have for color-treated hair.

Summer is meant to be spent having carefree fun in the sun. We hope these five healthy hair tips and hair care product recommendations have given you the tools you need to take on the summer heat while protecting your colored hair from fade and damage. For more hairstylist tips, tricks, and trends, give us a follow on social @eSalon on Instagram and Facebook.