How to Color Your Hair at Home

For some, coloring hair at home sounds intimidating. But with quarantine measures, these easy tips, and quality custom hair color, getting gorgeous results at home is as easy as pie. (Mmmm, pie.)

Picture it: gorgeous hair color, achieved at home, in your very own bathroom. And the shade? It’s just right. If this seems like the stuff of hair-color dreams, think again. Our customized hair color is more than just color; it’s a beautiful-every-time reality you can enjoy on your terms. Check out our secrets to confident, fail-proof application, and consistently great color. (Who says dreams don’t come true?)

01 Start Small

When considering your color goals, think in baby steps. Going too light or dark at once can result in funky shades or hot roots. Instead, transition in half-shade increments, so you can evaluate and adjust with your online colorist as you go. When it’s time to go back out into the world, your hair will be just as you dreamed.

02 The Right Stuff

The tools you use can make or break an at-home color application. Take yours to the next level with a bowl and brush, which will allow for a controlled and even distribution of dye. Plus, if you craft your color with us, you can add pro tools from our shop. You’ve got this.

03 Divide and Conquer

Leave no strand unsaturated! Achieve full coverage cleanly and efficiently by sectioning hair into four quadrants, and working in ½-inch subsections within each. You’ll be setting that timer before you know it. Here’s a quick video we created for you on how-to section your hair just in case.

04 Shield Your Skin

Keep dye in line with an easy-to-remove barrier like Stain Guard or petroleum jelly on the hairline and ear tops—just make sure to avoid the strands themselves. If any color does make its way to the skin, it’s easy to lift with a little press of the Stain Remover Towelette.

05 Grays First (and Last)

Gray hair is more resistant to color deposit, so it’s best to start applying your color where you see the most grays (think temples and top of your head). Once you’ve finished all the other sections, you can go back and reapply to the gray. This ensures extensive exposure in the areas that need it most.

06 Stick to Your Roots 

Applying color over previously-colored hair can cause uneven results. Not to mention bright, hot roots that don’t match your ends. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with all the details in your instructions. So remember to keep touch-up applications strictly to regrowth, and avoid overlapping.

07 Timing Matters

Processing time is so important for your color outcome. To achieve the color and coverage you want, make sure to leave the color on your hair for the full recommended time. Follow your Personalized Instructions to a T, and say hello to your optimal color deposit.

08 Blend To Your Ends

Once you’ve rinsed out your color, massage any unused dye mixture through your hair in the shower. Wait 3-5 minutes, then rinse your hair again until the water runs clear. Get ready for shine galore and super-blended color

09 Cleanse & Condition

Get your color journey off to a healthy start with an immediate color-safe cleanse and condition. Cleansing will help maintain scalp health and remove any residual color, while conditioner will close the cuticle, add moisture, and lock in your color.

10 Go Custom

In the end, the absolute key to a successful coloring is the color itself, and whether it fits you. eSalon offers both custom and quality by crafting a hair color that’s specifically crafted for you and your hair. We craft it fresh, ship it to you on your schedule, and include the tools and personalized instructions you need to apply like a total pro. It’s color happiness, guaranteed.

Now that you have all of our secrets for gorgeous home color, go forth and color with confidence! New to eSalon? Let us craft a color that’s just for you here.