The Most Universally Flattering Brunette Hair Color Is...

Maybe brunettes do have more fun in this oh-so-flattering hair color.

Whether you’re a natural brunette looking to enhance your hair color or dyeing your hair brown for the first time, we know how important it is to select the right shade to flatter your natural beauty—but how do you know where to start?

To take the guesswork out of going brunette, we sat down with our team of expert colorists to determine which shade is the most universally flattering brunette hair color. Their answer? Rich Chocolate Brunette. This natural-looking shade of brown adds depth and character to nearly any style. To learn more about this hair color and why we love it, read on.

Rich Chocolate Brunette complements nearly every skin tone.

Brown hair colors typically add warmth to your look, which means they can help give your skin a bright, glowing appearance. To get this exact shade of Rich Chocolate Brown, our colorists start by blending some ash and mahogany tones together, offering that soft, subtle finish that looks like it came right out of your head. By mixing these tones, you get one of those hair color unicorns that look amazing on most skin tones.

It is low maintenance, making it great for hair color beginners.

Brown hair colors are notorious for being low maintenance because it’s not a huge deal if you have dark roots in-between hair color applications. In fact, a little regrowth can add to your look—it’s kind of like a natural ombre style with darker roots and lighter mid-lengths to ends. 

For anyone who is new to hair color, a demi-permanent color can be a great way to deepen and enrich their natural brunette color. Demi-permanent colors allow you to explore different shades in the same hair color family until you find your perfect match, while still being gentle on your hair. Plus, it blends more naturally with your roots than permanent hair color, resulting in a natural-looking finish. 

It's easy to add dimension.

If you want to add dimension to Rich Chocolate Brunette by adding a sprinkle of lighter tones, we recommend our Light Set highlighting kit for Brunettes. This mess-free, professional-grade highlighting kit will add some slightly lighter strands throughout your hair, giving it a naturally sunkissed look. 

After highlighting your hair, you can go the extra mile by applying Tint Rinse to introduce a variety of tonal options that reflect different desired nuances. For example, Tint Rinse in Light Brunette will add warmer chocolate tones while Tint Rinse in Mahogany Copper will enhance deeper reddish tones for a silky, chocolatey finish. The possibilities are endless!

You can lighten or darken this hair color seasonally.

When you’re starting with a Rich Chocolate Brunette hair color, it’s easy to tone up or tone down depending on the season. Want to go slightly darker for the fall? We’ve got you. Want to go lighter or add highlights for the summer? No problem. 

Just let your colorist know what your color goals are and we can customize a game plan for you. Sometimes all a color needs is to be tweaked by ¼ shade to make it feel fresh and new.

It's easy to apply at home.

As we briefly mentioned above, Rich Chocolate Brunette is an approachable shade for beginners and professionals alike. Whether you’re looking for 100% gray coverage or just a color pick-me-up, this universally flattering hair color makes for an easy at-home color application with our personalized instructions and different formula options. If you need any extra guidance along the way, our colorists are happy to help and can be easily reached by email, chat or call.

Rich Chocolate Brunette isn't just a new hair color—it's your personal statement of timeless elegance and self-expression. Universally flattering on nearly all skin tones, you can make this soft, chic hue your own by taking our quiz and starting your custom color journey today.