2024 Hair Color Trends Forecast

We talked to our team of expert colorists to get their predictions on the best hair color trends to try right now, from soft brunette to moody pearl.

This year is all about falling in love with yourself—so let’s start with your hair. Our colorists predict a blend of soft, dreamy shades and striking, moody hues that bring out the best of your natural beauty as this year’s must-have hair colors. So if you’re ready to refresh your look and step into the new year as your best self, keep reading to discover our top picks for 2024’s biggest hair color trends.

Intense Rust

Why We Love It

Red hair colors are hotter than ever and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Intense Rust is our pick for this year’s most sought-after red shade for its deep, luxurious finish. It uses a blend of earthy auburn and dynamic red tones to create a look that is both chic and bold.

Woman with an Intense Rust hair color.

Who It's Best For

This deep auburn shade is one of the most universally flattering shades and works well with all skin tones. The warmth in Intense Rust can neutralize warmer complexions or add a touch of warmth to cooler complexions. While deep auburn shades like this can be paired with any eye color, the red in this hue really makes green eyes pop.

How To Get It & Keep It

To get a deep auburn shade like this Intense Rust trend, it’s best to start with a darker base color like a dark brunette paired with an auburn tone. If you’ve colored your hair with an auburn shade before, you may already know that red hair colors can be tricky and tend to fade out faster than other colors. In order to keep your auburn tone vibrant and fresh, you can add the Mahogany Copper Tint Rinse or the Rich Auburn Color Pro Toner to your color care routine. 

It’s also best to use a shampoo and conditioner designed to complement color-treated hair like our Classic Shampoo and Conditioner Duo. Together, these hair care essentials can help reduce frizz and improve softness while preventing color fade for up to 30 washes. We also recommend washing hair with the coolest water possible for maximum color retention in fast-fading red tones. 

Silky Chestnut

Why We Love It

From the runway to the sidewalk, we predict that deep brunette hair colors will be making major waves this year—and Silky Chestnut is our absolute favorite rendition. With a satisfying sheen reminiscent of dark chocolate-dipped chestnut, it’s easy to see where this unique shade of brown gets its name. Using a dark brunette base with hints of ash and gold, Silky Chestnut is a fresh and exciting take on one of the most popular hair colors.

Woman with a Silky Chestnut hair color.

Who It's Best For

Since it contains both golden and ash undertones, Silky Chestnut is one of the most universally wearable hair colors. Whether you have a warmer or cooler skin complexion, this brunette hair color can be tailored specifically to match your natural beauty. If you have a cooler skin tone, we can boost the ash undertones to help balance out any brassiness and leave hair with a soft, subtle finish. If you have a warmer skin tone like olive, we suggest that you go for a slightly more golden hue to bring out the best in your complexion.

How To Get It & Keep It

To make this Silky Chestnut trend your own, ask your colorist to start with a dark brunette base and add in both ash and golden tones until you achieve the exact finish you want. With shades like this, we love to include our Custom Ends Refresher to enhance the crisp chestnut tone throughout the entirety of your gorgeous hair. 

This brunette hair color trend does not require a ton of upkeep, but if you want to take your color care routine to the next level, be sure to add our Warm Beige Tint Rinse to your weekly hair regimen. This color-enhancing treatment will help your color look fresh and vibrant in between color applications. 

Moonlit Pearl

Why We Love It

There’s something about the moonlight that gives everything an enchanting glow, including your hair color. Taking inspiration from this dreamy glow, our next trending hair color is a soft shade of black with an almost iridescent finish that we call Moonlit Pearl. This nearly purple shade of black adds an element of mystery to any look and complements nearly any style sensibility.

Woman with a Moonlit Pearl hair color.

Who It's Best For

Shades like Moonlit Pearl pair well with all skin types but look exceptionally lovely against cool or dark skin tones. This trending hair color provides great contrast that is more fair-skinned, making it a very striking look. For anyone with a darker complexion, this hair color complements your skin without washing you out. Moonlit Pearl also features a lot of richness and depth, allowing all eye colors to stand out in their own way.

How To Get It & Keep It

To achieve Moonlit Pearl, we like to use our darkest brunette or soft black base color when formulating this shade. Make sure to ask your colorist to add intense pearl tones for that subtle violet undertone that makes this hue so unique. 

To maintain this rich shade, our Deep Violet Color Pro Toner is a great way to refresh the tone in between your color applications. This color-enhancing product also adds shine to really showcase the depth of this trending look. For an additional color refresh while you’re washing your hair, make sure to get your hands on our Purple Tint Rinse. This product will also help to bring out those purple-ish undertones, creating an alluring finish.

Apricot Crush

Why We Love It

We would totally date this peachy blonde hair color if we could. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, Apricot Crush blends soft strawberry tones with darker blonde hues for a look that can easily be amped up or down, depending on your desired finish. You can easily go more red for a more bold look or darken it for a more subtle style, making it easy to fall in love with.

Woman with an Apricot Crush hair color.

Who It's Best For

A lighter apricot color like this one looks amazing on anyone with a lighter, more neutral, or warm complexion as it adds a subtle flush to the skin, giving you a youthful glow. This shade also looks beautiful alongside freckles because it brings out their natural character. The copper in this trending hair color delightfully enhances green and blue eyes and pulls out the gem-like green tones in hazel eyes as well.

How To Get It & Keep It

To try this Apricot Crush look, ask your colorist to add some copper and red tones to a dark blonde base color. You can use a little more copper for a more natural redhead finish or amp up the red tones for a more daring look. If you currently have light brunette hair, you can add our Light Set Kit in the Light Copper and Mahogany shade to start working towards achieving this lighter, warmer color. 

In order to keep this red tone vibrant, we recommend including our Custom Ends Refresher with your root touch-up applications. For further upkeep on this color, we love using the Copper Tint Rinse as it revives the warmth of your shade in just a few minutes.

To achieve these trending hair colors at home, get started with your custom color journey today. One of our licensed colorists will be happy to help you get the exact shade you want so you can step out with confidence—because this year is all about you.