Leo 2020 Colorscope

LEO: July 22nd - August 21st

Your Element

Like your fire sign, you’re the person everyone wants to gather around. Your presence brings steadiness and comfort to everyone you meet. Keep glowing, lion!

Your Ruling Body

Our life-giving Sun shares its equally-bright presence, sprinkling vibrancy, reassuring warmth, and playfulness over everything you touch (just be sure to wash your hands). 

Your Seasonal Horoscope

It’s your time to shine as the supreme Zodiac, stepping into the spotlight on your special day with confidence. Let us hear you roar, Leo! This month is about laying the foundation for adventures to come once we’re in the safe zone for travel. You’re a lioness on a mission to develop new friendships, uplevel your networking skills over social and video chat, and cultivate your daring side. We believe in you. 

While your kitty season is brewing to be something magical, you might have to work a little harder than you ever have before to make it happen. Don’t worry—your friends and family are behind you at every step, watching you transform and take your place on top of the mountain. It's your year for personal growth if you have extra time on your hands or as you figure out new ways to navigate things while sheltering in place. If you’re strapped for time, congratulate yourself for adapting and holding it together—we’re cheering you on. Think big: publish that book, take those classes, and get your passion project up and running. The world needs you now, so trust yourself and get ready to expand your horizons!

Your Lucky Hair Colors

Cocoa blonde, ash brunette, and rich copper golden.

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