Aquarius 2020 Colorscope

AQUARIUS: January 20th - February 18th

Your Element

As an air sign, you’re all about thoughtful communication and sharing your knowledge whenever possible—a true “wise owl” of the Zodiac.

Your Ruling Planet

Driven by both by commanding Saturn and unruly Uranus, you’re equal parts serious sage and rebel spirit, revealing your truly avant-garde personality.

Your Seasonal Horoscope

There’s plenty of exciting things happening in your private life, but don’t let that distract you from staying on top of it and being as productive as you can. Remember, you’ve got goals air baby. While things start to pick up professionally, you’re ready to finally see some of the benefits for all of your hard work. What’s even better is that you’ll start to see that potential pouring over everything you do. Get ready for a boost of confidence as you own your creativity and evolve on your terms—get it! 

With all that forward movement, remember to stop and smell the lavender (much more calming than roses). February is a sparkling month for this much-needed rest and relaxation, so start thinking about taking a deserved weekend off. Once you’ve reenergized, the path to a stellar 2020 will become clearer than ever. Before you go offline though, make a few plans with friends for some post-self-care fun. You’ll be surprised at the connections you make as fresh faces join in and offer up new opportunities and experiences. This is literally your year to soar and we’re cheering you on. 

Your Lucky Hair Colors

Toffee blonde, amaretto brunette, and golden poppy.

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