Best Blonde Hair Colors to Try Right Now

If you’re curious if blondes really do have more fun, now is your chance to find out.

If you're in the mood for a sunny hair color refresh or ready to try blonde for the first time, we've got all the options. Explore the world of blonde hair with our colorist-curated collection of Best Blonde Hair Colors to Try Right Now. From the warmth of Sunflower Blonde to the elegance of Champagne Fizz, these dazzling hues are designed to bring out the best in your blonde ambitions.

Butterscotch Blonde

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Butterscotch Blonde—a delectable fusion of medium blonde and golden tones. This luscious shade adds warmth and dimension, creating a deliciously inviting aura. While Butterscotch Blonde can be customized to fit nearly any complexion, it naturally complements those with warm undertones. This shade also pairs exceptionally well with green or hazel eyes, enhancing their golden hues.

Woman with Butterscotch Blonde hair.

Champagne Fizz

Pop the metaphorical champagne with Champagne Fizz! This elegant hue is a celebration of the light blonde hair accented by natural golden tones. Effortlessly chic and luminous, this color evokes the effervescence of a fizzy celebration. Champagne Fizz works best on anyone with cool-toned fair skin, creating a refreshing and brightening effect. That said, our colorists are always happy to make a custom version of this shade to complement your skin tone.

Woman with Champagne Fizz hair.

Quiet Luxury Blonde

With Quiet Luxury Blonde, you don’t have to shout for people to notice you. This look exudes old money with a delicate base of light to lightest blonde complemented with natural ash tones. The ash tones give this hair color trend a soft, natural-looking finish that makes it look as though you’ve been a blonde your whole life.

Woman with Quiet Luxury Blonde hair.

Deep Apricot Blonde

For a deeper blonde hair color, embrace the richness of Deep Apricot Blonde. This sophisticated hue starts with a dark blonde base and blends in golden and copper tones for a slightly red finish. We love this shade because it’s a great transition color for any brunette looking to go blonde or for any blonde looking to add depth to their look. Deep Apricot Blonde is particularly flattering for fair to medium skin tones, enhancing the golden undertones and creating a stunning contrast.

Woman with Deep Apricot Blonde hair.

Sunflower Blonde

Reminiscent of a field of sunflowers, this sunny shade brings warmth and vibrancy to any style. To achieve Sunflower Blonde, we typically start with a medium blonde base and add in custom golden tones to fit your color goals. The natural golden undertones give this shade a sunkissed feel, making it look as though you just got back from vacation. Ideal for those with warm undertones, Sunflower Blonde beautifully complements green or hazel eyes, enhancing their natural sparkle.

Woman with Sunflower Blonde hair.

Revitalize your style and embrace the allure of blonde with our Best Blonde Hair Colors to Try Right Now. Whether you're drawn to the golden warmth of Sunflower Blonde or the sophistication of Quiet Luxury Blonde, these shades are sure to leave you feeling radiant and confident. Explore the world of blonde and discover the perfect hue to express your unique style with our custom color.