Why is eSalon the Best Home Hair Color?

We stand by our custom color—and here’s why.

Before eSalon, you only had two choices to get your hair colored; Spend precious time and money at the salon or get less-than-fabulous results with inexpensive box hair dye. With our custom approach to hair color and the expertise of licensed colorists, you get the best of both worlds—and then some. To learn what makes our Color Set the best at-home hair color, keep reading.

1. The personal touch of a real-life colorist.

At eSalon, we don’t just look at your profile to determine if some pre-made shade suits you best—we have a licensed colorist behind every screen that creates a custom shade, just for you, down to the last drop of color. Much like going to a high-end salon, our custom color starts with our quiz, which is very similar to a consultation you might have with a professional colorist. 

By taking our simple quiz, our team gets to know you, your hair history, and your color goals to deliver the exact color that you’re looking for. You can even send photos of your current look and the color you want to achieve to better communicate your goals. Best of all? If your shade doesn’t come out exactly as you hoped, your colorist will work with you to get it just right at no extra cost. 

2. Patented customization technology.

In order to create your custom hair color with precision and consistency, we created a patented color-dispensing machine that we’ve affectionately dubbed “Pollychrome”—or just Polly for short. This machine has the ability to make  2.2 octooctogintillion different pigment variations so there is no shortage of options when it comes to creating a look that is all you. It also allows us to make minute adjustments to your hair color (down to ¼ of a shade!) so you get the hair color you want, every time.

3. Instructions and formula options mimic the salon experience.

Our colorists not only create a unique-to-you hair color, but they also tailor your instructions to fit your needs and choose a formula that matches your color goals. Unlike box color where you can only choose one kind of dye, we offer: 

- Demi-permanent: If you have 25% gray or less, this formula is a great option for you. It is designed to fade over time without leaving a strong line of demarcation at the root. 

- 0% Ammonia Permanent: Offers multi-dimensional, natural-looking gray coverage with rich, long-lasting results and luminous, healthy-looking shine. 

- Permanent: Features up to 100% gray coverage with intense, rich, long-lasting results, and vibrant, healthy-looking shine.

Your colorist will also decide if you’re a good fit for our salon-inspired add-ons like: 

- Custom Ends Refresher: If you have previously colored hair, your colorist may suggest that you add this product to your Color Set to help your roots blend with the rest of your hair. The result is an all-over even tone and vibrant color. 

4. Our color evolves with you and your needs.

Whether you want to adjust your shade or try a new hair color altogether, your colorist can adjust your shade to complement your desires. Even if you want to make a drastic change (like going from light blonde to bright copper), we’ll work on a plan to gradually shift your formula to ensure the even, rich results of your dreams. No guesswork here, just expert advice to guide the way. 

5. Salon-quality hair care and accessories.

To complete your hair and color care regimen, our in-house line of products are all designed to complement your custom color. With everything from daily essentials like color-safe shampoos and conditioners to color-shielding stylers, our goal is to make you look and feel fabulous each day. 

We also offer professional-grade accessories like our sectioning clips and cape to make coloring at home an absolute breeze. And as our gift to you, you’ll get a free application brush with your first Color Set order to re-use time and time again! 

Ready to start your color journey with eSalon? Start by taking our quiz and our colorists will get to work crafting your custom shade. Then, we’ll have it shipped to your door with everything you need to color your hair like a pro. It’s as easy as that!