How to Get Shiny, Healthy Hair... and Keep It

Healthy hair is shiny hair, and it all starts with hydration. Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to get the sheen of your dreams.

01 Stay Hydrated

You might have heard—moisture is the key to overall hair health. And it’s an absolute must in getting to those shine goals. Maintain moisture levels with a nourishing shampoo/conditioner routine, which helps the porosity that allows hair to hold onto moisture more easily.

02 Just Add Color

A deposit-only demi-permanent color not only livens up your pigment, it can work like a gloss by adding shine without chemically altering your hair. The low volume of developer smoothes the cuticles to minimize frizz, and the color itself even has light-reflecting properties.

03 Keep It Fresh

Nothing boosts shine like fresh-looking hair color! Maintain that just-colored glow long after your color day with a leave-in conditioner, designed to protect hair and up shine by nourishing the cuticles. Depending on your wash schedule, this deep treatment can be used once a week.

04 Skip A Day

Preserve the natural oils that lend hair shine by skipping every other wash, and use a dry shampoo on the off days. Bonus perk? Less washes will also extend the life of your hair color.

05 Maintain With Minerals

For a little shine from the outside, try a silicone-packed product like Shine Silk. While not all silicones are created equal, the right ones can deposit shine and smooth over splits. Silicone also fills in porosity and provides a water-resistant shield around each strand, leaving hair looking luxe and feeling conditioned.

06 Seal It In

Now that you’ve got the shine, how do you keep it going through everyday wear and tear? Lock in your daily look with a humidity-proof hairspray, which will keep frizz down and hair shining throughout the day.

07 Conclusion

Remember, the key to shine is keeping hair healthy and moisturized on a daily basis. With a healthy regimen, your natural oils, and a little extra boost from the right products, you can rev up your shine levels—and keep them there.