Three Quick & Easy Date Night Hairstyles

Getting ready for a night on the town has never been this easy—or this chic.

Going on a date can sometimes feel like playing dress-up for adults. Whether you’re going out with that special someone, a group of friends, or treating yourself to a solo date, it’s fun to throw on your best outfit, put on a fresh face of makeup, and do something new with your hair. Next time you’re ready to head out on the town, try one of these Three Quick & Easy Date Night Hairstyles as the finishing touch to your look.

Sweet Bow Style

It’s safe to say that bows are everywhere right now—strapped to dresses, accentuating gloves and tied into belts—and it’s the perfect accessory for your hair too. One of the things we love about bows is that they come in an array of different sizes, shapes, and colors to complement your style. There’s also something innately romantic about a sleek bow adorning your hair, making it ideal for any kind of date night. 

For this hairstyle, our in-house stylists went for a simple half-up half-down style that can easily be adapted to make it your own. Feel free to rock your natural hair texture and smooth your strands a polished finish.

Woman with a large pink bow in her hair.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step One: Brush hair and section off your natural part line.

Step Two: Take the hair at the crown of your head and tease it for added volume. To ‘tease’ the hair, you just lift the hair up and brush the hair down towards your scalp. 

Step Three: Gather the top half section of your hair and secure a ponytail at the back of your head. You can use your fingers to section. Our stylists like to start right above the ears at a slight upward angle and have both fingers meet at the back of the head. This should leave you with a ‘half up half down’ hairstyle. 

Step Four: Add your favorite bow right on top of the elastic used to secure the ponytail. 

Step Five: You can pull out small pieces of hair around your face for some face-framing pieces.

Bedazzled Headband

Another easy way to spice up your date night style is to toss on a bedazzled headband. Even if you’re not typically a fan of bling, a little sparkle can go a long way in making your look feel special. Plus, you can choose to sport your natural texture, throw in a few waves, or give your hair a blowout before adding your headband depending on your desired finish.

Woman with a pearl-laden headband.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step One: Section your hair down the middle and brush smooth. 

Step Two: Take two-inch sections away from the hairline (essentially right in front of the ear) and add a pea-sized amount of smoothing serum or cream to these sections.

Step Three: Comb these small sections out so they’re smooth and tuck them behind the ears.

Step Four: Place your favorite headband right where the sections are smoothed behind the ears. 

Step Five: Use your hands to fluff up the hair at the crown of the head behind the headband for added volume while keeping the front sleek and smooth.

Colorist Tip: For added polish, try our frizz-reducing serum, Shine Silk, or our styling balm, Velvet Primer. Both products are designed to smooth flyaways for that "just left the salon" look.

Chic Twisted Ponytail

Everyone knows how to throw their hair into a ponytail so let’s shake things up a bit with this Chic Twisted Ponytail. Featuring a simple twist on a classic hairstyle (no pun intended), this look instantly elevates your style without any heavy-lifting. It also pulls the hair out of your face, allowing your natural beauty to take center stage.

Back of woman's head showing a twisted ponytail.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step One: Start with your natural part and brush until smooth. 

Step Two: Secure all of your hair at the nape of your neck in a low ponytail. It should be on the looser side, not tight against your head. 

Step Three: Come from underneath the ponytail with your thumb and index finger and create a split or an opening right above the elastic. Your fingers should be poking out of this space.

Step Four: Using your other hand, take the hair secured in the ponytail underneath the elastic and flip the ponytail up into your thumb and index finger. Pull this ponytail with your index finger and thumb down through the opening created. 

Step Five: Place your hand at the crown of the head and gently pull up on hair to loosen out of the ponytail for added volume and texture.

Going out doesn’t have to be stressful with these Three Quick & Easy Date Night Hairstyles. For more hairstyle inspiration and tips, check out our lookbook or follow us on social media @eSalon.