The Most Universally Flattering Blonde Hair Color Is...

You’re going to love this sunny shade of blonde.

If you’ve ever thought about going blonde, it’s only natural that you would like to try a shade tha flatters your natural features. We know that selecting the right hue for you can be tricky, so we’re to help take some of the guesswork out of trying a new hair color

We asked our team of expert colorists to share what they think is the most universally flattering blonde hair color. Their answer? Beachy Blonde. This sunny shade of blonde is the perfect happy medium to fit nearly every skin tone, eye color, and hair type. To learn more about this shade and why we love it, read on. 

Beachy Blonde can help your skin look fresh and bright.

One of the biggest reasons we love this hair color is that it flatters nearly every skin tone. The warmth in this honey-blonde hue can help your skin look brighter, giving it a youthful glow. You can even add face-framing highlights to your look for added radiance.

It looks soft and natural.

Unlike a bright, platinum blonde, this sunkissed shade has a subtle, natural-looking finish. Using a mix of sandy brunette and soft blonde tones, it looks as though you were born with a Beachy Blonde hair color. 

If your color ever starts to look too warm or brassy, it’s easy to tone down with our Tint Rinse in Blonde Neutralizer. This quick and easy product uses purple pigments to offset brassy or orange tones in the hair. 

It's easy to add dimension.

If you want to add some brightness to your Beachy Blonde hair color, all you have to do is add some highlights after coloring your hair. As we mentioned above, you can go for some face-framing highlights or try an all-over balayage style for that vacation-inspired glow. After highlighting your hair, you could also try our Tint Rinse in Warm Beige for a kiss of buttery warmth.

It’s a medium blonde tone, making it approachable for a range of hair colors.

Another reason our colorists selected Beachy Blonde as one of the most universally flattering hair colors is that it is a medium-blonde hair color. Whether you’re a natural blonde who wants to cover a few stray grays or a brunette who wants to go lighter, this particular shade of blonde is easy to achieve. Just make sure to let your colorist know your goals and they will be able to craft a custom hue, just for you.

You can easily customize it to fit your skin tone or eye color.

There are a number of different ways you can make this hair color your own. Our colorists love to start with a Medium Blonde base for our natural blondes who are looking to lighten their hair without being too light or yellow. For someone who would like to have more contrast and depth, a Dark Blonde base is a versatile place to start that allows you to add highlights for added dimension. 

If your shade is not quite right, talk to your colorist and they’ll be happy to work with you until you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Ready to try Beachy Blonde for yourself? Start your color profile today and a licensed colorist will make a unique-to-you hair color and ship it right to your door.