Introducing: Color Pro Boosters

Give your hair the boost it needs.

Sometimes our hair just needs a little pick-me-up. Whether you’re dealing with dry ends, frizzy curls, split ends, or simply want to shield your custom color from fade, our new Color Pro Boosters give your hair an extra dose of targeted-to-your-needs TLC. In this article, we’ll break down how to use these salon-inspired hair treatments, their unique benefits, and which one is right for you.

How to Use

We made sure our Color Pro Boosters would each be a seamless addition to your hair and color care routine. Apply any Booster as often as needed by following the same four simple steps: 

1. After shampooing and conditioning, use a towel to wring any excess moisture out of your hair. 

2. Apply your Booster of choice evenly throughout your towel-dried strands. Make sure to apply from mid-length to ends, staying away from the scalp. 

3. Leave in for 1 to 3 minutes, then hop in the shower and rinse out. 

4. Style your hair as usual and get ready to show off your enhanced results. 

Color Protect Booster


Are you looking to give your color-treated hair a boost in protection and hydration? Is your hair prone to color fade? Do you want to maintain your custom color? If any of these questions apply to you, we recommend trying our Color Protect Booster. 

Formulated with botanical ingredients like Sunflower Seed Extract and Quinoa to help shield strands from color-fading aggressors, this Booster is your go-to for keeping your color vibrant and hair lustrous.

Colorist Tip: High fade hair colors and those with cooler tones—like most red hair colors and ash-blonde hues—will benefit the most from this treatment.

Image of Color Pro Color Protect Booster


- Quinoa - Helps shield hair from various color-fading culprits

- Sunflower Seed Extract - Antioxidant-rich extract helps shield hair from UV color fade 

- Castor Oil - Deeply replenishes moisture

- Glycerin - Locks in hydration to help prevent dry strands

Curl Booster


Calling all curly girls! The Curl Booster is crafted for those with textured hair—from waves to ringlets to coils—who want to boost definition and frizz-fighting properties in real-time. It’s also our colorists’ go-to for clients with natural hair as well as heat or chemically straightened curls.

Made with enriching ingredients that target textured hair, this treatment is specially formulated to enhance all curly hair types. 

Image of Color Pro Curl Booster


- Avocado Oil - Penetrates the hair’s cuticle to help replenish moisture 

- Coconut Oil - Deeply penetrative oil sinks nourishing moisture into the cuticle

- Glycerin - Helps lock in moisture and prevent dehydrated strands

- Sunflower Seed Extract - Antioxidant-rich extract helps shield hair from UV color fade

Moisture Booster


Sun lovers, outdoor adventurers, and anyone with hair that’s prone to dryness, the Moisture Booster is a must-have remedy to add to your hair care routine. For dehydrated strands, this nourishing treatment hydrates with a combination of Plant Oils and Aloe Vera, leaving hair soft and manageable. 

Image of Color Pro Moisture Booster


- Sunflower Seed Oil - Rich in oleic and linoleic acids, helps protect hair from damage

- Babassu Oil - Adds powerfully nourishing and long-lasting moisture

- Aloe Vera - Rich in minerals that help strengthen hair

- Sunflower Seed Extract - Antioxidant-rich extract helps shield hair from UV color fade

- Panthenol - Adds radiant shine and helps improve smoothness

Repair Booster


The Repair Booster is formulated to revive hair needing a boost in health. It’s our restorative DIY treatment for those with split ends, bleach in hair, lovers of heat styling, swimmers, and other athletes exposed to chlorine and environmental stressors, as well as anyone with chemically-treated hair.

Image of Color Pro Repair Booster


- Shea Butter - Deeply moisturizes and naturally conditions strands

- Keratin - Reinforces hair to help keep hair strong and healthy

- Panthenol - Adds radiant shine and helps improve smoothness

- Sunflower Seed Extract - Antioxidant-rich extract helps shield hair from UV color fade

All eSalon hair care products are expertly designed to protect the richness and longevity of your hair color. To shop our new Color Pro Boosters and give your hair care routine a major upgrade, check out our shop now. To get the latest news on product releases, opt-in to our emails and give @eSalon a follow on Instagram and Facebook.