Top 5 Sunkissed Hair Color Ideas to Try This Summer

Bring the sunshine with you with these vacation-ready hair colors.

As the days get hotter and the sun shines brighter, summer is the perfect time to refresh your look with a hair color that embraces the season's essence. Whether you’re exploring a tropical destination or lounging poolside, the right shade can make you feel radiant and ready for anything. So let’s dive into our colorists’ picks for the top five sunkissed hair colors to try this summer for a vacation-ready look all season long.

Sunny Cinnamon

For those who love a rich and warm look, Sunny Cinnamon is the perfect choice. This sunswept shade combines the depth of burnt auburn with the brightness of copper, giving your hair a naturally radiant finish. No matter your hair type or texture, Sunny Cinnamon glimmers in the sunshine with every hair flip.


Blended Brunette

Blended Brunette is all about seamless transitions and natural highlights. This color merges various shades of brown to create a multidimensional, sunlit effect. It's a great summertime option for brunettes looking to add a bit of sparkle and dimension without going too light. The result is a beautifully nuanced color that looks effortlessly chic for beachside brunch with your girls.


Peach Blonde

Juicy and sweet, Peach Blonde is the ultimate summer shade for those who don’t mind doing things a little differently. This playful color blends soft peach tones with a classic blonde base, resulting in a fresh and fruity hue that screams summer fun. It’s ideal for anyone looking to experiment with a lighter, more whimsical color.


Chilled Chardonnay

Inspired by the creamy, buttery qualities of a glass of Chardonnay, this hair color is a sophisticated take on your everyday blonde. Chilled Chardonnay features soft blonde highlights with just a hint of gold, creating an elegant and laidback look. It’s the perfect shade for those who want a refined yet trendy summer look. Cheers to that!


Toasted Copper

Toasted Copper breathes new life into a traditional red hair color with subtle highlights, adding a warm and sunkissed glow to your look. This shade beautifully blends rich, earthy tones, giving you a vibrant yet effortlessly natural appearance. It's a wonderful choice if you're looking to enhance your hair with a hint of radiant warmth this summer.


Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new hair colors and embrace the vibrant energy of the season. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or bold, these five sunkissed shades—Sunny Cinnamon, Blended Brunette, Peach Blonde, Chilled Chardonnay, and Toasted Copper—offer a range of options to suit every style. So, go ahead and give your hair the summer makeover it deserves. 


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