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Colorist Tips
How to Color The Back Of Your Hair
Girl touching healthy hair in sunlight
Feeling a bit nervous to color the back of your hair by yourself? We have you covered. Follow these color tricks to color hard-to-see areas like a total pro.
Coloring your hair at home can be daunting—especially when applying color to hard-to-reach-areas. “I want patchy, uneven hair color,” said no one ever, so we're sharing five quick tips on how to get gorgeous, blended hair with color tricks that totally have your back (of your head, at least).
01 Work section by section
Divide your hair into 4 neat sections to allow for a cleaner, easier application and more manageable work areas.
02 Tools matter
Use the tip end of the brush or the tail of a comb to create small slices. If you'd rather just use a bottle, use the tip of the bottle to separate small slices of hair to color.
03 Raise the roots
When coloring your hair, pull thin slices of hair up vertically off the head and work from top to bottom to make sure you fully cover roots. If touching up your color, be careful not to overlap your application onto previously colored hair.
04 Touch down
Feel unsure of where you're applying color? Use your fingers to feel your hair to be confident that you're coloring the right spot.
05 Check your work
It always helps to see what you are doing. Throughout the application, check your work by using a hand mirror.
Aaand voilà! You now know five tricks on how to color hard-to-see areas. Sometimes the smallest salon-trade secrets can make all the difference in achieving gorgeous results.
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