How to Care for Your Highlighted Hair

Check out our top colorists’ tips to care for your fresh balayage, so your highlights maintain their sparkle until your next application.

After spending time balayaging your hair or having it done in a salon, you’ll want to care for your strands with the right products. Since lightened hair sometimes needs a little hydration boost, shampoos and conditioners with nutrient-rich and reparative ingredients are your go-to products for maintaining shiny, gorgeous highlights. We’ll give you the inside scoop on caring for your highlights year-round without ever stepping into a salon, plus a look at our unique Toning Mask.

Daily care.

Like we said, caring for your highlights every day requires lots of moisture and is always at the top of our list—we can’t hydrate enough. Our Moisture Shampoo is lightweight even on the finest of hair and won’t weigh down your ‘do; pair it with our Repair Conditioner that helps to fortify and strengthen processed ends. Both of these products contain quinoa that coats the hair and not only helps protect from environmental aggressors, but can also soothe the scalp and keep dandruff at bay. Follow your cleansing ritual with our Universal Leave-In on wet hair for extra hydration and protection that extends well beyond your blowout. Living tangle-free is the way to be and a leave-in tames strands post-cleanse without leaving hair greasy.

Mask and tone—weekly.

Along with daily care, add in a weekly treatment. Hair masks are great for restoring protein loss in weakened hair follicles that comes from brushing too hard (let’s be honest, everyone does it), processing, hot tools, and sun exposure. These weekly treatments improve your hair’s resistance to breakage, thinning, and protects your fabulous highlights from becoming dull—since hydrated hair is vibrant hair. Apply your mask to clean, damp hair, and let it soak into your strands for 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water. For intense hydration, cover your hair with a shower cap to allow the heat and steam to really open up the cuticles. Think of this treatment routine like spa day for your hair.

Another way you can improve the finish of your highlights is to use a pigmented Toning Mask to reduce any unwanted brassiness. Apply this mask at least once or twice a week, and your highlights will look super fresh until your next application. There are a few options to choose from including our Blonde Neutralizer that tones down any unwanted warmth for blondes and brunettes, while Warm Beige adds warmth to golden blondes, copper, and mahogany shades. If you’re not sure which Toning Mask is best for you, we’ll recommend one.

Image of toning masks to either enhance or neutralize warm tones

Extra tips and tricks.

Whenever you lift color the hair’s cuticle opens up to absorb more nutrient-rich products, and sometimes particles like smog and chlorine. When you go swimming, we recommend you use a leave-in conditioner to fill in the space and prevent your cuticles from absorbing chlorine. If possible, wear a swim cap to protect your highlights (we know, not attractive but beauty requires sacrifice).

Don’t forget about the UV rays. Since you’d never leave your house without applying SPF for your skin, wear a hat if you know you’ll be in the sun for a spell. Sunshine can cause your all-over color and highlights to oxidize, giving your highlights a yellowy or orangey look; to avoid that, wear a heat protectant or cover your strands from direct sunlight. Always be ready to protect your color wherever you go—imagine the compliments you’ll get for having such gorgeous hair!

This maintenance routine may sound like a lot for just highlights, but in fact, it’s super easy. Don’t have highlights but are interested in getting them? Try our Light Set and get sunkissed highlights all by yourself, right at home—and get your first order for just $14.

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