The Most Universally Flattering Red Hair Color Is...

Get ready to turn heads with this ultra-flattering red hair color.

If you’ve always wanted to try red hair, it makes sense that you want to try a shade that brings out the best in your natural features—but how do you know where to start? From dark auburn and mahogany to strawberry and ginger, it’s easy to get lost in the rainbow of red hair colors to choose from. 

To take the guesswork out of finding the right shade for your skin tone and eye color, we sat down with our expert colorists to figure out which is the most universally flattering red hair color. 

Their answer? Sizzling Spicy Red. This bright shade of red balances both copper and red tones, making it approachable for blondes, brunettes, natural redheads, and everyone in between. To learn more about this fiery shade and why we love it, keep reading.

1. Sizzling Spicy Red looks like an enhanced version of a natural red hair color.

This vibrant hue takes a traditional true red hair color to a whole new level of crimson by amping up the copper undertones. The result is a super-saturated shade that adds depth and character to any look. Think Jessica Rabbit vibes with a soft, chic finish.

2. It’s multi-dimensional.

One of the main reasons that Sizzling Spicy Red looks flattering on nearly everyone is it brings a lot of dimension to the table. By blending the best of both copper and red tones, you get a hair color that is neither too orange nor red. Instead, your hair will have a range of different tones mixed in for a look that is multi-dimensional from every angle.

3. It’s a hair color that is sure to get noticed.

If you like getting endless compliments, this striking red shade is an attention magnet in the best way possible. With an unmistakably fiery finish, Sizzling Spicy Red is a hair color that encourages everyone around you to do a double-take. Whether they stop to ask you who did your color or compliment your gorgeous hair color in their head, just know you’ll be the center of attention in every room.

4. It’s easy to amp up or tone down to complement your skin tone.

If you have olive skin or a darker complexion, you may benefit from toning down the copper and turning up the red to create a darker shade that picks up your skin’s natural undertones. For anyone with lighter skin tones, feel free to go all the way with brighter copper tones which create a lovely contrast against the skin and help pull out its natural rosiness.

Either way, your colorist can slowly introduce some copper and red tones into your custom color to gradually achieve a bold shade or go full force right away—just let your colorist know your goals and we’ll make a custom shade, just for you.

5. You can easily customize this hair color.

Beyond getting a custom new hair color from eSalon, it’s easy to add highlights to your look to make it your own. Try our Light Set highlighting kit in Light Copper and Mahogany to add a bright golden pop to the coppery red tones, further adding more dimension to your hair. You can also apply Tint Rinse in Copper after highlighting your hair to magnify the copper glow.

Colorist tip.

Red hair colors are notorious for losing their vibrancy faster than other shades. To keep the red fade at bay, using Tint Rinse once or twice a week will help boost your tone in between color applications. This professional-grade treatment can be applied alone, or mix-n-matched to create your own coppery red cocktail. Tint Rinse in Copper can play up the warm reddish tones, while Tint Rinse in Red will intensify the vivaciousness of the red tones.

Start your custom color journey today and let your inner fire shine through with the radiant Sizzling Spicy Red—the most universally flattering red hair color.