2024 Hair Colorscope: The Best Hair Colors Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Step into your power this year with hair colors that bring out the best of your Zodiac sign.

This year, we asked the talented astrologer Tamerri Ater to search the stars and find the shades that will help make 2024 your best year yet. Keep reading for her exclusive insights into your horoscope and the coveted hair colors that harness your true nature in our 2024 Hair Colorscope: The Best Hair Colors Based on Your Zodiac Sign.

2024 At a Glance

2024 promises to be a year of karmic completion and finding balance. In numerology, the world will be in an eight universal year: 2+0+2+4=8. Eight years are tied to business, enterprise, hard work, and reaping what you’ve sown. 

In astrology, Pluto, the planet of transformation, moves back into Aquarius for most of the year, bringing dramatic change to technology and how people relate to each other. Compassion and respect for people different from ourselves are needed. Serious Saturn continues its trek through dreamy Pisces along with Neptune, encouraging us to put structure around making our dreams come true. Uranus, the planet of change, and Jupiter, the planet of luck, continue their journey through Taurus, shaking up our thoughts around money and self-worth, but also bringing unexpected blessings. Jupiter’s move into Gemini in May which kicks off a cycle of expanding the way we think.  

The moon’s north node, which is tied to our spiritual destiny, moves through the independent sign of Aries. Aries is connected to self, and taking care of one’s own needs. The opposite point, the moon’s south node will be in Libra, the sign of relationships. The south node is a point of release. We may be called to release relationships that are no longer serving us, in order to move forward as our best selves. 

So let’s match our inner spiritual growth with looking and feeling our best from the inside out.


Your Power Hues: Golden Copper, Light Brunette, Intense Pearl

Aries symbol with a celestial background

Aries, get ready for a total change to your identity. With the moon’s north node in your sign, you’re being encouraged to better align with your destiny. While this is not always an easy ride, it’s most definitely an exciting and meaningful one. 

This is not a time to play it safe. Get in touch with your innermost desires and go after your dreams and aspirations with gusto—and why not try a new hair color to match this celestial energy? When your ruler Mars moves into your sign in April, you’ll feel energized and ready to tackle anything. You can trust that you’ll be supported by the universe. 

On the flip side, you’ll feel more fiery than usual, so if you need to blow off steam with exercise or by taking a breath, please do so. Financial gains are possible, especially in the first half of the year and by the second half, your mind will start to expand in ways you never saw possible. It's a year of growth and alignment.


Your Power Hues: Beige Brunette, Subtle Cinnamon, Pearl Mahogany

Taurus symbol with a celestial background

Taurus, it’s safe for you to come up for air.  For the past few years, you’ve been on a journey of change that could have felt disruptive to your routine-loving self. The lesson is that change is inevitable and it’s easier to flow with the tide, rather than against it. 

You have supportive Jupiter in your sign until May 2024, and before it leaves, it may bless you with a gift for all of your hard work. This could be in the form of a new opportunity that puts you in the spotlight or at the very least highlights your unique gifts and talents. So go ahead and refresh your look with an inviting yet approachable hair color to give you the confidence you need to shine. 

This new opportunity may come in the spring through your network or a coworker and could be lucrative and beneficial to your career or social status. Take a breath and be ready to receive. 


Your Power Hues: Ash Blonde, Intense Copper, Chocolate Brunette

Gemini symbol with a celestial background

Gemini, serious Saturn moving through your 10th house of career may have brought some tough professional lessons and tests—but trust that it’s all happening to make you stronger.  

2023 may have been more of a reclusive or introspective year for you, but in 2024 you’ll have luck on your side when expansive Jupiter moves into Gemini in May. This is like having a fairy godmother granting wishes for you for a year, making it the perfect time to try a new look. 

This could bring opportunities in your relationships, both platonic and romantic, and also your career. The north node in your 11th house of friendships will bring change to your network. People will come and go, so be flexible and stick with the relationships that feel right for you.


Your Power Hues: Soft Black, Golden Mahogany, Peach Pearl

Cancer symbol with a celestial background

Cancer, lucky planet Jupiter moving through the top of your chart for the past couple of years hopefully brought luck to your career, friendship, and network sectors. In May, expansive Jupiter moves into your 12th house of the subconscious, influencing you to get aligned with your soul’s desires. 

The moon is your planetary ruler, and the new moon and full moon eclipses, occurring in your 10th house of career and 4th house of home and family, may bring major change to these areas. A relocation, career move, redecorating, change in family dynamic, a hair color refresh, or all of the above could be on the table. Trust that everything is aligning for your highest good and buckle up!


Your Power Hues: True Red, Dark Blonde with Shadow Roots, Mahogany Copper

Leo symbol with a celestial background

Leo, lucky planet Jupiter has been cruising through your career sector for most of 2023, hopefully bringing opportunities to your professional life. This trend continues for the first half of 2024, and you’ll also have the opportunity to expand your knowledge and belief systems in some way. Going back to school, learning a new skill, or traveling abroad can be spiritually fulfilling. 

When Jupiter moves into your 11th house of networking in May, your social capital increases, making it the perfect time to switch up your look. You’ll be ready to show off all you’ve learned to make some of your hopes and wishes come true! 


Your Power Hues: Espresso Brunette, Plush Beige, Ash Copper

Virgo symbol with a celestial background

Virgo, your close personal relationships may have been tested in 2023 to make sure you’re surrounded by people who support you as much as you do them. This trend continues in 2024, but now you’re wiser and ready to make responsible choices in regard to your partnerships. If you’re considering merging finances with a business or romantic partner, read the fine print, especially around the beginning of the year. 

Come May you’ll have lucky planet Jupiter starting its one-year trek through your career sector, bringing new opportunities to expand in your professional life. This could be in the form of a promotion, but also more work. You’re ready. 

You may even have an opportunity to relocate later in the year. Keep an open mind and explore your options. A hair color transformation may help you embrace the changes on the horizon. 


Your Power Hues: Light Brunette, Golden Blonde, Rustic Copper

Libra symbol with a celestial background

Libra, buckle up for a year of transformation ahead. The moon’s south node is moving through your sign for the year, bringing you the opportunity to release things that are no longer working in your life.  Some of your closest personal relationships may be tested to see if they are bringing you value, but more importantly, peace. This is a time when quality over quantity should be enforced across the board in your life. 

The beginning of the year may bring a lucrative financial deal that involves another person. After May, you’ll have the chance for serious spiritual growth that will set you on a higher path. Now is the time to try a new hair color that complements your newfound glow.


Your Power Hues: Midnight Plum, Jet Black, Dark Blonde

Scorpio symbol with a celestial background

Scorpio, 2023 was likely one of the most pivotal years in your life, bringing a combination of triumphs and challenges to make you stronger. You’ve passed the test and can now focus on strengthening your personal relationships with lucky planet Jupiter in your 7th house of partnership until May 2024. 

Eclipses and the moon’s nodes in your 6th and 12th houses, are putting a spotlight on how you spend your days and take care of your health, which includes self care. It’s time to focus on you. 

Halfway through the year,  you may receive financial gain through collaboration. An investment may finally pay off and it will be a time to streamline your financial obligations. Coloring your hair at home instead of spending money at the salon may be an easy way to tighten the reins.


Your Power Hues: Auburn Red, Sunkissed Blonde, Apple Cider Copper

Sagittarius symbol with a celestial background

Sagittarius, 2023 could have left you feeling bogged down with more responsibilities in your family life. You’re not completely out of the woods in 2024, but hopefully, you’re better equipped to make the changes you need to weather any storms. 

Expansive Jupiter is in your 6th house of work and routine until May 2024, possibly bringing new opportunities in the workplace. The second half of the year may kick off a new cycle of people coming into your life that brings opportunities, blessings, and the chance for collaboration. 

Single Sagittarians can meet new serious romantic partners, but make sure you vet them thoroughly. This is a time to explore your options before committing.  Coupled Sagittarians may benefit through their partners. Either way, you’ll want to show up as your most confident self with a hair color that feels true to you.


Your Power Hues: Laidback Brunette, Red Pearl, Midnight Black

Capricorn symbol with a celestial background

Capricorn, the trend of you learning to let loose a little and being more childlike continues through the first half of 2024. You may have quite literally expanded your family with a child in 2023. Or you experienced more joy due to children, sports, or your hobbies. 

The first half of the year should include more romance, fun, and creativity—and a hair color refresh may be a great way to express yourself. Starting in May, you’ll have more opportunities to change your daily routine, your health habits, and the way you work. You also may consider adding a pet to the family. Your family structure will undergo some changes with the moon’s north node in the 4th house, requiring you to have more balance when it comes to work and family. Try your best and don’t be too hard on yourself.


Your Power Hues: Intense Copper, Ash Blonde, Rich Chocolate

Aquarius symbol with a celestial background

Aquarius, transformative Pluto is moving back into your sign this year where it will stay for the next 20 years! While you may not feel the immediate effect, slow change is coming to your identity (ahem, a new hair color perhaps) and an event to kick it off may have occurred in 2023. 

For the first half of 2024, you’ll be supported by lucky Jupiter in your 4th house of home and family. This could create an opportunity for home renovations, relocations, real estate purchases, or new opportunities for your immediate family. The Eclipses and moon’s nodes in the 3rd and 9th houses of learning, your higher mind, and education may prompt you to take up a new study. Enjoy the journey.  

Issues with siblings, distant family members, or neighbors may need to be addressed. Nip any inequalities in the bud. 


Your Power Hues: Burgundy Plum, Amber Glaze Red, Dark Brunette

Pisces symbol with a celestial background

Pisces, this has been a year of implementing a new structure into your life, which is something that may not come so naturally to you. You’re being called to merge your creative genius with discipline and this will continue to be a theme in 2024. 

Your traditional ruling planet Jupiter moves into your 4th house of home and family in May, giving you a boost of luck in that area. Changes to your home are supported during this time, as well as moves.  If you’re looking for financial support, you may see it over the course of the year when the eclipses and moon’s nodes are in your 2nd and 8th houses, connected to money and financial gains. 

On the flip side, you need to be responsible with your spending—so skip the salon visits and color your hair at home. Make a budget that works for you and stick to it.

Tamerri Ater, MBA, is a Certified Professional Astrologer, Reiki Energy Healer, Founder of AstroFashionista, LLC, and Gift of the Nile Wellness. With over 15 years of experience, Tamerri has advised thousands of clients on how to tap into their personal gifts to align with their soul’s destiny, life purpose, career path, and improve and attract healthy relationships and partnerships. 

Social:  @astrofashionista