Ellebangs’ 2024 Hair Trends: The Hottest Hair Colors, Cuts, & Accessories

Our favorite professional stylist, influencer, and DIY beauty guru Silvia Reis of Ellebangs dishes on her picks for this year’s must-have hair trends.

When it comes to this year’s trends for all this hair, we’re turning to the pros for their predictions—and who better than Silvia Reis of Ellebangs? With well over 800,000 YouTube subscribers and years of professional salon experience, she is one of our go-to stylists when we need some expert inspiration. 

And in 2024, she predicts that this year will be all about classic cuts, romantic bows, and chic neutrals with pops of color that make each shade unique to you. Feeling inspired? Read on or tune in to learn more about her insights into the year ahead.

Hair Color Trends

“Neutrals are not going anywhere. But it’s about making it yours, it’s about making it unique,” says Reis. Her key to giving a hair color your own spin? Giving these rich, neutral shades intentional pops of color that fit your complexion and style. 

For example, past red hair color trends leaned toward a particular cool shade of red or an orangey copper, not taking into consideration variations in skin tone. This year, people are looking for deep, more subtle shades of red that suit the undertones of their skin, rather than trying to achieve one trending color. It’s all about customizing a red hue to that suits you, not the other way around. 

For our blonde babes, Reis foresees two major trends: soft golden blonde and bold buttery blonde. Between these two looks, soft golden blonde exudes a quiet luxury that is very en vogue at the moment. It features a more lived-in quality than its bold, bright counterpart, making it a more low-maintenance option. 

If you want that Old Hollywood glamour, bold buttery blonde is the hair color for you. “This is not a highlight, this is not a balayage, this is fully blonde,” advises Reis. That means this hue is blonde from root to tip, making it a more high-maintenance trend. That said, it’s worth the effort if this is the look you’ve always dreamed of. 

Brunette hair color trends are also seeing some shifts this year. In the past, we’ve seen a lot of warm, golden-brown hues, and now people are going for cool brown tones. “This is like the brunette that’s grown up,” says Reis. “It’s an official, true brunette without the added intense warm tones.” Adulting is hard but if it means we get to try this hair color trend, we’re all in. 

If you’re more of a highlights girl, Reis notes that she’s seeing less contrast in highlighted hair. “It’s almost the same color as the base color, just a shimmer, just a pop to the color you already have.” In other words, embrace what you’ve already got and just give it a little added character. Simple as that.

Haircut Trends

“I think the biggest cut this year is going to be the bob,” Reis shares. This is not the “lob” that had its moment in the past, this is a more sophisticated yet daring bob where it goes a few inches above the shoulder. Some are even calling this look a “bottleneck cut” since you are accentuating and elongating your lovely neck. 

One of the things that Reis loves about this trend is that any age demographic can rock this style. “Whether you’re 19 or 99 years old, I feel like this length with this shape just suits every face shape.” We’re totally here for a style that anyone can try. 

In addition to the Parisian-esque bob, Reis predicts the Birkin Bang making a major comeback. Inspired by Jane Birkin, this sexy, low-hanging bang gives your look an element of mystery. 

To round out her haircut trend predictions, Reis adds, “I don’t think long, healthy, beautiful hair will ever not be in style.” So if you’ve got it, flaunt it.


It’s official—bows are in, baby! “With fashion, with everything being really oversized and kind of androgynous, I like that there is this juxtaposition of having really feminine hair with a pretty bow,” Reis shares. “I think it definitely needs to go with the outfit, and your vibe, and your personality.” 

While this romantic hair accessory may not be for everyone, it’s clear this look is going to be a serious trend in 2024.

All trends considered, this year is about enhancing your natural beauty and giving your look some added sparkle. For more inspiration and tips, make sure to subscribe to Ellebangs on YouTube.