Cancer 2020 Colorscope

CANCER: June 20th - July 21st

Your Element

You’re sweet and soft-centered as you roll with the changing tide. Born under the element of water, crabs create powerful waves with their emotions. At this difficult time, going with the flow is exactly what keeps you centered and collected. Your friends, family, and coworkers all look to you for queues on adapting to the situation at hand. Guide on crabby cakes!

Your Ruling Body

Mysterious and ever-changing, the pearly Moon influences your spirit and lends its enigmatic qualities to you. A little mystery never hurt anybody, so keep it up and enjoy the ride.

Your Seasonal Horoscope

Now is the perfect time to take stock of your feelings, thought process, and image. As conversations begin to bubble and you’re having heart-to-heart talks with friends on Face Time, think about where you stand and listen closely. You might be surprised by what you learn when your mind is open to change. Keep your thoughts positive and soak up the sun as you learn and grow. Remember, it’s your strength to go with the flow and evolve.

If you need time to process and take a breather, now is the time to cash in that PTO and get to the core of what makes you tick. That shell will keep you safe and reinforce your resilience, but sometimes it’s nice to shrug out of it and let your skin breathe crab. You’re a beautiful soul and know what you want and it’s an inspiration to us all. When you’re ready to step back into the world, it’ll be your time to shine.

Your Lucky Hair Colors

Cool blonde, espresso brunette, and muted rose red.

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