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eSalon is a rapidly growing company that leverages technology and human expertise to deliver a one-of-a-kind hair color experience. We’re disrupting the beauty industry by bringing the high quality, high touch results of the salon to the masses.

eSalon - Mix Match Love

Part tech. Part beauty. All teamwork. We're a unique blend of web experts, engineers and beauty professionals working side-by-side to offer customized haircolor and salon quality hair care products at-home. Our culture is dynamic, blending together innovative thinkers in product development, engineering, marketing, finance, creative, and customer service. We have an open office environment with free snacks, first Friday lunches—and of course, the hair color is on us!

Within the last year, we shipped our three millionth order, ranked #7 on Internet Retailer’s Hot 100 Retailers list, and won the Allure Best of Beauty Award for Best Home Hair Color for the second year in a row.

All full-time employees are eligible for a competitive benefits package which includes:

What They're Saying

Take it straight from our employees.

“It's refreshing to work somewhere where you don't feel any need to hesitate before you ask a question. Everyone recognizes that we do our best as a team when we help every member of the group.”
- Anna M.
“I think eSalon has spoiled me in that I get to work with people I respect and enjoy on a daily basis. Even on the hardest days, you're supported. Both hard work and laughs are abundant here.”
- Emily M.
“I love working at eSalon because of the great people I get to work with, it's a very collaborative environment. I like that one actually can see that we are all doing our best to help our clients have the best experience possible with eSalon.”
- Pilar S.
“I love working at eSalon! Everyone is really smart and passionate about making this company great. New ideas and creativity are welcomed, and hard work is always acknowledged and appreciated.”
- Jennine M.
“I love working for a company that is so generous and has everyone's best interest at heart! I feel encouraged and supported from all of my coworkers in every situation. The atmosphere is positive and allows me to be successful.”
- Vanessa W.
“eSalon is a great group of creative, smart people. As Colorists, our manager(s) maximize our strengths while empowering us to make decisions we feel are best for the situation. I am proud to share that I work at eSalon.”
- Emily W.
“It's great working for a company that's growing in the right direction and takes care of its employees.”
- Joseph R.
“It’s rare to find a company that genuinely cares and appreciates their employees on a professional and personal level like eSalon does. I love that we are encouraged to learn new skills, strengthen our current ones, and grow and advance within the company.”
- Heather P.
“eSalon takes care on their employees, which makes the employees happy to take care of their clients.”
- Gaby N.
“I love working at eSalon because we sell a fantastic product that has a built-in "instant-hook". I couldn't live without the products we sell, and I already have my best friend, my mom, and my sister hooked on our service!”
- Alejandra B.
“I love working in such a professional environment. eSalon is a unique blend of beauty and tech, so you get the best of both worlds”
- Kathryn F.