eSalon Launches Demi-Permanent Hair Color in Europe

You asked, and we delivered!

Back in 2013 with stars in our eyes, we opened our first London-based production facility to bring custom home hair color to 10 additional countries including France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK. Why? Your custom hair color is made to order and shipped to your door. To give our European clients the freshest color possible, we had to jump across the pond and recreate our custom tech. Since then, we’ve dispensed over 250,000 unique hair color combinations and shipped over 9.6 million orders worldwide.

eSalon's custom color-mixing machine Pollychrome dispensing their custom home hair color for EU clients


Our next goal was to expand our London production line’s capabilities to offer a low-commitment, Ammonia-free Demi-Permanent hair color option. Fast forward to 2021: we’re excited to announce that we’ve done it, folks—you can now order custom Demi-Permanent hair color in Europe! 

Our colorists are here to give you the scoop and answer all of your questions about Demi-Permanent hair color before you place your order:


Q: What is Demi-Permanent hair color, and how does it work? 

Demi-Permanent hair color is applied to dry hair before you shampoo and works by temporarily depositing pigment on top of the hair’s cuticle. Demi-Permanent hair color is made without Ammonia and also uses a low-volume developer for a color result that lasts up to 24 washes. 

Q: Who is Demi-Permanent hair color for?

Demi-Permanent hair color is a great option for anyone looking to make a color change without the long-term commitment or looking to enhance their current shade with a new tone. Because Demi-Permanent hair color fades gradually in about 24 washes you won’t see any harsh lines or noticeable growth at your roots. 

It’s also perfect for anyone who needs light coverage with up to 25% gray. Since Demi-Permanent hair color lives on the surface of your hair, it gives your peeking grays a naturally translucent and highlighted look. For those of us who tend to color our hair on a flexible schedule and like to change shades over time, this is the low-maintenance option we love. 

Q: What kind of results will I see with Demi-Permanent hair color?

Compared to Permanent hair color, Demi appears more translucent but still offers subtle blending for those with just a few grays. Since Demi-Permanent color only sits on top of your hair’s cuticle, it can’t “lift” or lighten your hair. 

There’s still lots of room to play with your shade by applying your custom Demi over pre-highlighted hair for a salon-worthy, multi-dimensional finish. Want to enhance your natural undertones or add a subtle pop of colour? Think of Demi-Permanent color as a gloss giving your natural shade a boost in shine and vibrancy.

Q: What’s in our Demi-Permanent hair color formula?

We’re glad you asked. Our Demi-Permanent (and Permanent) hair color formulas are packed with luscious conditioning agents including Vitamin E, B5, Aloe Vera, and Jojoba Oil to help strengthen and soften your strands for a healthy-looking finish overall.

Looking for more insight into the differences between our Demi-Permanent and Permanent hair color options? Check out our blog post here, and for more colorists tips and tricks, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @eSalon