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Let's Fix That!

Discover personalized hair care from our new brand, featuring optional aromas and pigments.

Explore our new personalized hair care.

Custom Hair Care with Endless Possibilities

Invented by the creative minds behind eSalon, AURA personalized hair care utilizes cutting-edge personalization technology to create shampoos, conditioners, and masques designed for your unique hair needs and goals.

Starting from $28

Learn more about your unique
eSalon x AURA experience »

Your unique eSalon x AURA experience

As an eSalon customer, you’ll have a unique AURA experience that references your eSalon hair color, so you can be confident your results from both brands will complement each other, giving you the ultimate personalized hair care and color experience

Making hair care magical

Personalized to you

We learn about you and your hair goals through our Quiz, so we can create your custom Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque.

Memorable aromas

Add one of our five fragrance options to your products and even select its strength level, or opt to go fragrance free.

Shades for days

Temporarily tone, enhance, or transform your hair color with our optional Neutralizers, Classic shades, and Fantasy shades.

Pigments for your personality

Whether you’d like to try a Fantasy or Classic pigment, when you take AURA’s hair care Quiz we’ll direct you to shades that will work best with your eSalon hair color. All of our pigments are optional and temporary, meaning they’ll wash out over time.

Vibrant Rose Gold shown on pre-lightened blonde hair

Fantasy: Rose Gold

Step out of the ordinary and experience our Fantasy shades that can transform your hair. Most shades are available in Soft, Vibrant, or Bold intensities.

  • Rose GoldJaipur Rose
  • Tulum PinkHawaiian Coral
  • Roman CopperSpanish Copper
  • Croatian CopperLondon Red
  • Arctic GraySantorini Blue
  • French LavenderMonaco Magenta
  • Miami PinkSalmon Pink
  • Saharan CopperGranada Red
  • Sonoma RedCairo Yellow
  • Maldives TealBaltic Green
  • Kyoto PurpleFuji Fuschia

Intensity: Vibrant

Medium finish and lastingness, most vibrant on pre-lightened and light to medium hair colors.

Add subtle richness to your hair color that inspires a double-take every time you look in the mirror with an extra touch of magic.

  • Light BlondeMedium Brunette
  • GoldenGolden Copper
  • Intense CopperGolden Mahogany
  • RedMahogany
  • Red MahoganyMahogany Copper
  • Dark BlondeDark Brunette
  • Warm BeigeCopper Golden
  • Copper AshCopper Mahogany
  • Red CopperChocolate
  • Mahogany RedPearl Mahogany
  • Light BrunetteBlack
  • Ash BlondeCopper
  • Ash CopperCopper Red
  • Mahogany GoldenPearl Copper
  • Red PearlIntense Pearl

Integrated Neutralizers

Add one of our three Neutralizers to your personalized Conditioner or Masque, and achieve the ideal, non-brassy tone in any hair color.

Blonde before/after
Neutralizer for
Blonde, Gray, and White hair

Enriched with purple pigment to neutralize brassy tones, this formula offsets warm tones in blonde, gray, and white hair for an overall cool tone. This can also be used to tone highlights.

Dark blonde before/after
Neutralizer for
Brunette hair

Infused with a blue pigment to neutralize brassy tones in light to medium brunette hair for an overall cool tone. We don’t recommend this shade for highlighted hair.

Dark brown before/after
Neutralizer for
Dark Brunette to Black Hair

Crafted with green pigment to neutralize warm red and orange tones in brunette to black hair for an overall cool tone. We don’t recommend this shade for highlighted hair.

AURA products

The meaning
behind the magic

From our vegan and cruelty-free ingredients to our sustainability standards, our vision is to make the world a little more luminous.

Vegan Formula
Paraben-, SLS-,
and SLES-free
Recycled Materials


AURA hair care is completely personalized to you based on your hair’s needs and goals. Because of this we can combine aspects of hair care that typically live separately, such as Moisture and Repair. You can also adjust features of your AURA products over time as your needs or goals change. eSalon hair care is a more traditional hair care line where individual products are focused on one hair goal and not formulated for your specific hair. AURA also offers features like ability to choose your aroma and its strength, and a pigment and its intensity. These features are not available with eSalon hair care.

Protecting your hair color is a job we take seriously, so you’ll be happy to know that all of our Shampoos are safe for your color. No matter the focus of your personalized formula, your hair color is protected. If you’re looking for advanced color protection, be sure to select this as a goal when you take our Quiz.

Nope. While you can connect your accounts for recommendations and easy management, it doesn’t mean your autoship preferences have to be the same.

Our pigments are designed to wash out over time, so you certainly won’t get the same gray coverage that you experience with eSalon’s hair color. We recommend that our pigmented Conditioners or Masques can be used in addition to your eSalon hair color to refresh your color, but they won’t provide the same base result.

Think of AURA temporary pigments as a more advanced and more personalized version of eSalon’s Tint Rinse. AURA’s pigment offering includes Fantasy shades, Classic shades, and three different neutralizers. For our Fantasy shades, you can even select the precise intensity of your color choosing from Soft, Vibrant, or Bold. With AURA’s pigments you also get personalized hair care integrated with your pigment, compared to eSalon’s Tint Rinse, which is focused on color transformation but not care.

See here for more AURA FAQs



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