Today, most women choose from two options when getting their haircolored; going to the salon, or buying an off-the-shelf boxed hair dye. Yet, it’s clear these options are far from perfect. When we ask about getting colored at the salon, we hear these complaints over and over:

“I don’t have the time to go to the salon”

“Getting my haircolored at the salon gets expensive”

“The color doesn’t always come out the same”

And when it comes to boxed hair dyes, there is a similar chorus of complaints:

“The results are never as good as going to a salon”

“I don’t feel sure I’m buying high-quality coloring”

“I just don’t find the right color I want”


Stop Playing “Color Roulette” With Your Hair

You and your hair deserve better. You deserve a color and dye that’s made just for you. And you deserve a hassle-free, inexpensive alternative that allows you to have perfect looking hair, all the time. That’s why we’ve decided to create a new paradigm in haircoloring. It’s called eSalon.

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