Get Classic Hollywood Hair Color

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Channel your inner starlet! eSalon’s Color Director Estelle Baumhauer breaks down the hues of these classic tresses:

Audrey Hepburn

Hair color: Light Brown (6.0)

Perfect if you have: Dark blonde or medium brown hair




Lucille Ball

Hair color: Dark Blonde (Intense Copper) (7.40)

Perfect if you have: Light or dark blonde hair




Grace Kelly

Hair color: Light Blonde (9.0)

Perfect if you have: Very light blonde hair




Vivien Leigh

Hair color: Darkest Brown (3.0)

Perfect if you have: Brown or dark brown hair




Julie Andrews

Hair color: Medium Blonde (8.0)

Perfect if you have: Light or medium blonde hair




Sophia Loren

Hair color: Medium Brown (Natural Golden) (5.03)

Perfect if you have: Light, medium or dark brown hair



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