How to: Easy Tricks for Great Hair

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On the to-do list that is your life, we know that hair maintenance can sometimes fall down it, turning your healthy hair regimen into extra work. A hydration mask vs. extra sleep? Yep, we’re guilty of choosing the latter too at times.

Thing is, any mundane hair task can turn into an enjoyable experience if you do it right. Here are some easy tricks from our stylist for taking time out for your hair. Spoiler: once you reap the shine-boosting rewards you’ll be leaping out of bed early…

Scalp’s Honor

“When the weather gets dry, I like to give my scalp some TLC,” says stylist Lori. “Mix ¼ cup warm coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree oil and massage into your scalp for 5 mins.” She even recommends dosing the ends of your hair with coconut oil and wrapping up in a towel for an hour. “This adds so much shine!”

iStock_000000356366_ResizedSay Spaaaaah

Turn your bathroom into your own at-home day spa, says stylist Michaeline. “Turn on music that relaxes you, sip on some calming chamomile tea and get the essential oils flowing,” she suggests.

Buildup Buster

Stylist Vivian has the easiest (seriously, why didn’t we think of this earlier?) way to clarify your hair of buildup (of the product, grime, pollution variety) when you don’t want to strip your hair color: “Just use your regular color safe shampoo, but cleanse twice!”

iStock_000011021511_ResizedDouble Beauty

We’re big fans of the weekly hair mask to treat dry or damaged strands (enter our Deeply Invested mask…) but sometimes even we have trouble finding time to do it. Try Vivian’s tip, and double up on your beauty check-list: “I love to apply my facial mask while I let my hair mask do its magic,” she says.

“But if you really don’t have time, even just 5 minutes in the shower will do the trick. Just bring a hair clip in with you to pull your hair up while processing.”

Put a Cap on It

For those who do find the time to turn the shower off and let the mask seep in (kudos, firstly), color director Estelle explains that for a deeper condition, try turning our Everlasting Locks shower cap inside out and applying on over the mask. “This’ll keep the heat from the scalp in for extra nourishment.”

Deep Follicle Massage

Our hair experts agree: brushing is good for the soul…sorry, scalp. “It’s normal for us to shed hair,” says Vivian. “Brushing daily will help get rid of the shedding strands and distribute oil from your scalp downwards to bring extra hydration to your ends.” Estelle agrees, saying that the ball bristles on our detangling brush are great for massaging the scalp morning and night.