What You Should Know About Color Safe Products

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So you’ve just applied your eSalon hair color and of course the color is gorgeous. But the next time you step into the shower, please – we beg you! – don’t reach for that standard shampoo you’ve always used! If you’ve put any color on your hair, it’s important to show some extra love when it comes to hair care.

Standard shampoo – what’s the harm?

Standard shampoo is meant to give a thorough cleanse to the dirtiest hair. To do this, it contains harsh detergents, such as sulfate, that strip away oils so that your hair feels “squeaky clean.” (Sulfates are also the reason why a drop of shampoo stings your eyes so badly).

But don’t be fooled – these kinds of detergents exfoliate your hair, leaving it stripped of its natural oils, dried out, and damaged at the cuticle. These factors will cause your precious hair color molecules to escape from the strands. So regular shampoo not only dries out your hair and makes it dull, but it makes your color fade faster too.

The advantage of color safe shampoo

Luckily, there is a solution for people who want to give their color-treated hair the proper treatment. (Of course, you’re already on the right track because you’re using eSalon hair color, which contains beneficial ingredients that actually promote healthy hair rather damaging it like typical dyes). Just make sure to look for a shampoo or conditioner that says “color safe” or “for color-treated hair” on the label.

There is actually quite a difference between hair products that are designed for color treated hair and those meant for the everyday hair-washer. Color safe shampoos (like eSalon Color Safe Shampoo) are sulfate free and don’t contain any other harsh detergents that strip out the color on each wash. The gentle ingredients of a color safe shampoo won’t exfoliate the hair – they remove oil and dirt without scrubbing into the cuticle.

Color safe products also contain special ingredients that counteract the damage or dryness often caused by hair dye. For example, eSalon’s Color Safe Shampoo and Conditioner have intense moisturizing ingredients that give your locks extra hydration. Plus, their beneficial amino acids and proteins help strengthen your hair. These ingredients seal up your hair’s cuticle and lock in the color.

What about styling products?

“Color safe” doesn’t end with shampoo and conditioner – your styling products should be for color-treated hair as well. This isn’t just a marketing scheme to get consumers to buy more stuff. The reason is that color-treated hair is especially vulnerable to damage, so it’s best to use products that compensate and provide extra protection.

Look for color safe styling products that contain UV blocking ingredients to protect your hair from the sun, which not only dries out your hair but causes the color to fade out faster. So make sure your hair has a layer of sunblock! It’s also a good idea to use color safe products that are alcohol free. The alcohol in certain products, such as hair spray, dries out your hair and fades the color.

Color-treated hair doesn’t need to be high-maintenance, but it does need a little support. If you give it the best products, like a moisturizing shampoo and gentle conditioner, you can counteract any potential damage and make your hair even healthier than before. While we’re at it, we’ll remind you that eSalon happens to be close to launching its very own line of Color Safe Shampoo and Conditioner – they’re great for your color-treated hair and leave it silky smooth and vibrant!

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