The Truth About 6 Hair Myths

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In the world of hair care, there’s a lot to remember. Don’t use too much shampoo – do use a deep conditioner – don’t get too much sun exposure – the list goes on! Hair lore is so riddled with mythology passed down from our grandmothers that it’s easy to confuse the useless home remedies with the actual facts.

We talked to our eSalon hair experts to help you know what to believe. So pay attention – it just may be the difference between greasy and gorgeous hair!

Myth: Frequent trims make hair grow faster.
Fact: It’s the follicles on your scalp that determine how fast or slow your hair grows. Trimming the ends doesn’t affect the follicles or therefore the overall hair growth. However, split ends can make your hair look thinner and shorter at the ends – so trimming them off can make your hair appear healthier and longer.

Myth: If you use the same shampoo and conditioner for too long they’ll stop working.
Fact: Nope, not true. Hair doesn’t become resistant to shampoo or conditioner, although you may think so when hair products leave a build-up which eventually affects the way the hair cleansers work. Avoid this problem by using a clarifying shampoo every couple of weeks to wash out any residue – your shampoo should soon be up to par.

Myth: If you have oily hair you shouldn’t wash it as often.
Fact: This isn’t necessarily true – your scalp will always produce the same amount of oil regardless of how often you wash it, because shampooing doesn’t affect the oil-producing glands. On the other hand, when you don’t wash your hair, oil and dirt accumulate on your scalp and can stunt hair growth. Stylists recommend washing your hair every other day to prevent stripping the cuticle.

Myth: Water temperature doesn’t affect your hair.
Fact: Actually, hot water lifts up the scales on your hair’s cuticle and opens up the pores on the strands. This can allow color molecules to leave the shaft, and therefore the color will fade faster. But cold water closes up the scales and makes them lay flat – which locks in the color and also smooths down the shaft. So the lesson here: rinse with cold water if you want brighter, smoother hair.

Myth: Coloring your hair damages it.
Fact: In the past, this may have been true. But nowadays most hair dyes are formulated to be incredibly gentle on the hair, and some even contain special ingredients that condition it – which leaves your hair even healthier than before. (Like eSalon’s custom made nutrient-infused colors!)

Myth: Your hair will always be the same texture.
Fact: The truth is that over time, hair grows and changes just like the rest of you. Changes in the texture can be cause by a variety of factors, from nutrition, stress, or just your natural hair growth cycle. The shaft of the hair is dead cells, but the roots and scalp are still living – so changes in your body affect them too. They can make your hair thinner, curlier, or lighter, among others.

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