The new gray hair trend… You don’t have to accept it!

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They’re hard to miss – shots of those celebrities jaunting down the red carpet, flaunting their steely gray locks. Sharon Stone, Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren, Anderson Cooper… All of them are letting the gray hairs fly. Even What Not To Wear host Stacy London’s trademark natural gray streak has gotten as much press as the hostess herself!

But really, is this the best look for most men and women?

eSalon’s Estelle Baumhauer sums it up best:

“We know it’s fashionable right now to tell older women to embrace the gray and celebrate being silver and sexy,” said Estelle, Color Director for eSalon’s innovative online home hair coloring service. “But the truth is, natural gray hair makes people look older.”

Estelle adds: “One hundred percent of the time, when I take a client’s wiry, gray strands and bring them back to a blonde that’s touchably soft, or make them a brilliant brunette again, the years melt from the face. I tell my clients: if you want to keep your gray, that’s fine. But if you want to maintain that youthful look, you have to color.”

And here’s another secret. Most of those gray-topped celebrities – with amazing shimmery strands – are still coloring. “They add highlights and low lights to add depth to the gray,” Estelle said. “Because natural gray hair is dull, flat, and lifeless.”

It’s an unfortunate fact that those coarse, gray streaks make even the most youthful face appear tired and aged…

No-hassle way to stay in the fight

But there’s no reason to give up the fight against aging hair, just because it’s a hassle and an expense to visit the salon every month. The innovators here at eSalon have, in fact, come up with a way to make home coloring so easy, so affordable, it will be hard to justify salon expenses ever again. Customers simply log onto eSalon’s site and fill out a personal color profile. Then a color expert like Estelle, who was pilfered away from high-end salons in fashion-forward cities like Paris and New York, will personally oversee your customized color blend.

“The color is so personalized it even arrives with your name on the bottle,” said Estelle. “Because the color wasn’t created to sit on some drugstore shelf. It was created just for you.”

And made from high quality dyes, the pigment provides long-lasting, 100% coverage over hard-to-color grays, while leaving hair silky soft, thanks to the blend of vitamin E, B5 and aloe vera extracts.

The order is even delivered right to your doorstep. Sounds expensive, right? Actually, the entire color kit, postage included, costs just $25 per order. Quality hair care doesn’t come any cheaper than that.

Interested in learning more?

So there’s officially no reason to accept aging gracefully! And eSalon is making it easy for first time customers to learn more and give it a try. Right now, new clients can get a complete personal profile and custom color kit delivered to their door for only $9.95 (plus $4.95 s&h), with a full money-back guarantee – even shipping costs will be refunded!

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