No More Frizzy Hair!

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Despite your best intentions, frizzy hair can happen to the best of us! What’s going on when you get the frizzies?

Frizz often happens when dry, porous hair absorbs  extra moisture in the air. This makes it swell and become frizzy. Here is our expert strategy to put your best hair forward:

  1. Start with a deep conditioner with extra moisturizing properties. Leave the conditioner on as long as possible so your hair can absorb it up. Not only will this prevent frizzing, it will also make your hair more manageable and shiny – so it’s a double bonus!
  2. When you’re done in the shower, rinse hair with cold water just before you get out. Cold water closes the hair shaft and leaves the cuticle smooth and flat, which will help prevent frizz.
  3. After your shower, don’t ruffle up your hair with a towel. This is only going to aggravate the cuticle and make your frizz worse. Instead, gently squeeze out the water and blot hair with a towel.
  4. Next, apply leave-in conditioner. This will lock in moisture and smooth down the strands, while also adding weight that discourages hair from frizzing up.
  5. Brushing your hair causes the cuticles to break more, which can cause frizz. To detangle your hair gently, comb it in the shower when it still has conditioner on. But if your hair is already dry and you really need to give it a brush, wet your hands and comb them through your hair instead of using a harsh brush.
  6. Heated styling tools aren’t a good solution to frizzy hair – but if you really need to blow dry it, always use a heat-protecting product to avoid heat damage. And when you’re drying the hair, angle the nozzle downwards along the strands – this will smooth down the cuticle instead of making it  frizzy. Finally, finish with the dryer on the cool setting to close up the cuticle.
  7. When your hair is still damp, apply an anti-frizz cream or serum to the bottom half of it. These products lock in moisture and seal up the cuticle, which will help to fend off frizz.
  8. Stay away from styling products that contain alcohol (such as hair spray). Alcohol swells up the hair cuticle, which leaves it wide open for frizzing up.

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