Meet Our Color Experts!

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The colorists: Emily, Kim, and Estelle

When you call eSalon, you talk to one of our lovely customer service ladies – but did you know there are more hands involved in the formulation of your perfect hair color?

Our professional color experts review each order and make sure the blend is just right for you. Check out what they had to say about eSalon, hair color, and what it’s like to be in charge of each color application!


What do you love about hair color? I love mixing and creating colors, and choosing the perfect shade for each individual client. Color has always been a passion of mine – mixing different pigments in a color lab to create a hair color is like being an artist and painting a masterpiece!

What’s different about working at eSalon instead of a standard salon? Working here at eSalon is way more challenging! It’s already complex blending the right color for a client, but at eSalon sometimes a client will pick a color that isn’t the most flattering option, and we have to guide them through our color process to give them the real salon experience (and make sure their color is 100% perfect!).

What’s your favorite hair color? I can’t pick just one – I love them all. Like I said, color is a passion!

How do you decide the best hair color for a person? I’ll see a woman and immediately evaluate her hairstyle, her face, her personal style, and I can pick out what shade will be the most flattering for her. I do it to women I pass on the street (but they don’t know it)!

What’s your favorite celebrity hair color? I like Emma Thompson’s style a lot – it’s always changing and dynamic. She’s super cute as a redhead or a blonde.


What draws you to hair color? I love how it’s such a great form of personal expression and/or reinvention. Feeling a little sassy? Why not go red? It’s a fun way to tell the world a little bit about yourself without saying a word.

Why did you start working as a colorist? I started coloring my hair with Kool-Aid when I was thirteen. When I was nineteen, I really messed my hair up. I dyed my hair black and bleached out the top!!! It was a nightmare. I called out sick, and went to a hairdresser to have it fixed. The minute I sat in her chair I started bawling my eyes out. I was so scared I was going to have to cut off all of my hair. She immediately put me at ease, by explaining what she was going to do and what it would look like. By the time she was done, I looked like a new woman. I was fascinated by the entire process, and I knew it was what I wanted to do. Years later, I became the lady turning tears into smiles. 

What’s different about working at eSalon instead of a standard salon? It’s such a great idea and it’s never been done before! But at the same time, it can be a challenge because all I have to work with is what I see on the screen. I have to use my experience and intuition to make color decisions for each order. And I always get excited when I see positive feedback from our clients!

What’s your favorite or least favorite celebrity hair color? I love Christina Hendricks’ bright copper red hair color. But I can’t stand Christina Aguilera’s bleached out mess.


What do you love about hair color?  It can instantly change, and, more importantly, highlight natural features otherwise overlooked. It really is a make-over in a bottle!

What’s different about working at eSalon instead of a standard salon? It can be quite a challenge to work without a visual model. Many times we have clients who fill out their profile and provide very detailed information, but without a picture we have to piece together a hair color puzzle and formulate with what we are given.

What’s your favorite hair color?  A rich chocolate brown will always turn heads in my opinion!

Do you color your own hair or enlist the help of a fellow colorist? Luckily I am in good company here at eSalon and Estelle or Kim can be bribed to color my long locks with a cup of coffee or lunch!

How do you decide the best hair color for a person? There are several factors I always consider, like age, skin tone, and what will make their eyes really pop. You have to remember that a hair color itself may not work with a person’s particular features. Clients will see a shade on a model and think they love it, when in fact they are really admiring the total package. I always try to consider all the factors we’re working with before determining the best color for them.

Kim, Emily, and Estelle

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