How to Protect Your Color from Heat Styling

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We’ve mentioned the dangers of overusing heated styling tools a bunch of times in this blog – so we figured we might as well dedicate a whole post to it.

You probably know that a handful of bad habits can contribute to making your gorgeous eSalon hair color fade out faster than you’d like. Heat styling is one of the worst offenders.

When you use a blow dryer on your hair, it sucks away the moisture on the surface and on the follicle. This leaves your hair dry and brittle – and the cuticle will start to crack over time. Heat from a curling iron or straightening iron also causes hair to dry out and crack on the cuticle. Breakage in the cuticle creates openings for your precious color molecules to escape – and that means color fading, which no one wants!

However, if you’re addicted to your styling tools, there are stylist-approved ways to do the least possible damage to your hair and color.

  1. Buy the right tools: When you buy a blow dryer or a flat iron, make sure it has a display for the heat settings. This way, you can control the temperature and adjust it according to your own hair type (fine hair should have the lowest setting, coarse hair can take a higher one).
  1. Condition: You can cut the damage by starting off with an extra-moisturizing conditioner in the shower. Use a conditioning mask a couple times a week too if you have really bad damage in your hair.
  1. Let hair air dry: Before you blast any heat onto your hair, let it air dry as much as possible. This especially goes for using an iron – applying that kind of heat to wet hair can make it steam and burst, which ruins the cuticle (and there goes your color).
  1. Use heat protection: Before using any heat, spray a heat-protectant product over your hair. Make sure your hair’s fully coated by gently combing the spray through your hair. This will help to lock in the moisture and prevent it from escaping when you turn up the heat.
  1. Then use a styling cream: If you’ll be applying extra heat to your hair, get more protection with a straightening or curling cream. Coat your hair with it, especially the ends where the hair tends to get the driest.
  1. Keep the heat moving: Don’t let your dryer or iron stay in one place on your hair for too long. Move quickly to reduce the amount of time the heat is on your hair.
  1. Use tools the right way: You can avoid damage by angling your blow dryer downwards along the strands of hair, rather than blowing directly on them. This way, the cuticles will lay flat and are less prone to breakage. If you have an iron, avoid using it on wet hair as much as possible, since it can be very damaging to the cuticle.

Heat tools can take the life out of your hair color, unless you’re well-armed with the best defense. With the right styling and protection, you can have curls that are just as intense as your hair color!

Colorfully yours,
The eSalon Team