How to Color the Back of Your Hair

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We know it can be tricky to color your own hair, especially those hard-to-see areas at the back of your head!

To help you out, Estelle Baumhauer, eSalon’s color director, explains her tricks for coloring her own hair:

Section hair

Divide your hair into four even sections. This is the best way to apply color evenly. To do this:

  1. Start by parting your hair at your natural part. Pull a comb from the hairline straight back to the nape. Separate into pigtails.
  2. At the crown of your head, draw a line down each side to just behind the ears.
  3. Clip off the four even sections of hair.

Outline the sections

Outline each of the four sections with color. Starting at the base makes it easier to color the back.

  1. First apply color along the front hairline, on the roots only.
  2. Then apply color along the center part, again coloring just the roots.
  3. Outline the sides of the back sections of hair. Now all four sections should be outlined.

Color the front

Apply color to the front sections according to your Personalized Instructions.

Color the back

Apply color to the back sections, one section at a time.

  1. Start at the top of one section.
  2. Use a comb to draw a horizontal line about ¼ of an inch below the section’s top border. This should give you a thin, horizontal strip of hair at the top of the back section.
  3. Apply hair color to the roots of this horizontal strip.
  4. When you’ve colored the roots, bring the strip forward and rest it on the front section you’ve already colored. This will keep it out of the way while you color the rest of the section (and the color on the roots will help hold it in place)
  5. Draw another horizontal line ¼ of an inch below the previous strip so you have a second strip.
  6. Apply hair color to the roots of the second strip.
  7. Continue coloring strips of hair in this manner until your reach the bottom of the section.
  8. Repeat on the other back section.

Finish the application

If your Personal Instructions specify to color the ends (all the hair below the root growth), you can do that now. If they specify a roots application only, you can move on to the “Shine & Rinse” step. The “Shine & Rinse” is the finishing step for both applications. It helps disperse the color evenly, which corrects any blotchiness in the back.

Quick notes

  • It helps to have a double mirror so you can see exactly where you’re placing the color in the back.
  • It often works even better if you enlist the help of a friend to color the back sections!

If you have any questions, feel free to give our colorists a call. They’re on stand-by to help out with all your coloring needs!

Colorfully yours,

The eSalon Team


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