How To Get The Best Gray Hair Coverage At Home

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Have you ever had trouble coloring those pesky gray strands on your hairline?

Gray hair has different properties than standard hair, so it can be tricky to get the lush, beautiful hair color you want. But don’t worry – our color experts have you covered (and your grays too!) with these salon tips to remember:

Use the best color

When you color gray hair, look for a warmer color that contains red or golden tones. These provide better coverage on gray or white hair, and also take years off your face. Cool tones with blue or ash bases may look unflattering.

Be careful not to go too dark, because you want to avoid a harsh contrast against your skin. Stay within 1-2 shades of your natural color for the best results.

Use a color with neutral base. Neutral colors coat gray hair before adding a color tone over, so you’ll get even, natural results.

Plan ahead

Gray hair tends to be more dry, which makes it harder to get full, long lasting coverage. To make hair more receptive to color, restore moisture with a hydrating hair mask the day before coloring.

Since gray hair is more resistant to color, you’ll need to use a stronger, permanent application that will fully settle into the hair if you want full coverage.

Apply hair color to the most resistant gray areas first. This way, they’ll have more time to absorb the color and get better coverage.

After applying color

Following your application, use a leave-in conditioner regularly. This will restore moisture throughout the day, which maintains healthy hair and prevents color from fading.

When you wash your hair, follow with a rich, moisturizing conditioner. Water swells the cuticle of the hair, which allows pigment to fade. But a rich conditioner can help preserve the color.

Gray hair tends to lose its shine. Keep your color fresh by using an essential oil, such as argan oil, to smooth down strands, boost up the shine, and deposit beneficial nutrients.

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