Get Your Hair Sizzling For Summer 2012

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With the days warming up and summertime in the air, you’re not alone if you’re looking for a way to add some summer pizzazz to your hair.

“Many women like to go lighter and brighter for the summer,” says our eSalon Color Director, Estelle Baumhauer. “But right now it’s more about rich colors than bleached-out ones.”

Lucky for you, we have some bright ideas for getting that summer glow on your own tresses – with a few eSalon touches.

If you have dark hair…

For brunettes, it’s tempting to get beach-blonde highlights and turn into a California blonde. But we have an easier (and less damaging) way to spice up your hair up for summer.

Start off with a slightly lighter base color than your natural brown shade. Estelle says you can illuminate brunette hair by going 1/2 to 1 shade lighter (depending on your hair type) in a honey-hued or golden brown tone. This gives a softer, bright summer feel to your hair. Then, finish it off with the golden enhancing gloss from eSalon, applied to your ends. The gloss will give darker hair a sun-kissed look, without lightening it or changing the color.

If you want to go with a darker statement instead, one popular trend for 2012 is adding a subtle contrast with a medium-brown or mahogany shade. A darker tone can add great definition to your locks, but these ones give you that warm summer glow at the same time. An added bonus: darker shades look especially flattering if you have a short haircut.

If you have light hair…

Light blonde tresses are all the rage, but don’t pull out the bleach just yet! Blonde shades are in, but the key for summer 2012 is keeping them natural looking. This means avoiding the platinum look and opting for natural golden hues.

If your hair is already light, you can add a slightly brighter shade for the summer season. One color trend is sunny, golden blonde hues to give your hair a sun-kissed look. Look at Reese Witherspoon’s light golden shade or Madonna’s buttery blonde for inspiration. Estelle advises finishing off your color with eSalon’s golden gloss to enhance your shade and give it that summer sheen.

If you have red hair…

One of the popular summer 2012 color trends is bright, bold hues – a perfect way to add some summer sizzle to your hair, especially if it’s red. “For redheads, it’s better to go golden instead of copper for the summer months, since copper is more of an autumn color,” says Estelle.

Try a fiery garnet shade or a lighter, golden red hue. Think Bryce Dallas Howard’s deep red color, or Julianne Moore’s gold-based brick shade for inspiration. These strong, vibrant red tones will give you a bright summer look, and the richer the color the longer it will last in the summer sun (since red tones tend to fade out faster than others). Red is becoming the shade of the season, so don’t be afraid to wear yours bright and bold!

Still not sure how to give your hair a summer vacation? Just give our eSalon colorists a call – they’ll know the best way to make your hair bright and warm for the summer months!

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The eSalon Team