Biggest Celebrity Hair Color DISASTERS!

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With all the money and fame, you’d think these celebrities could afford to avoid hair color disasters! We couldn’t help but comment on some of the worst we’ve seen:

khloeKhloe Kardashian

This copper red shade is actually quite lovely, but not on Khloe. The tone is too soft, and it makes her look so generic! With her features, we think she needs a darker-toned hair color for contrast. Come on Khloe, you have enough dough for a consultation with a stylist!



lindsayLindsay Lohan

Where do we even start? This harsh black is just too dark and looks like a wig! We won’t even get into the platinum color she switched to later on… Stick to the natural red Lindsay – It’s the perfect fit and matches those beautiful freckles!




Christina Aguilera

We have serious reservations about her fashion style, but we’ll stick to what we know best: hair color. And Christina’s is one big mess.  It’s just so… bleached. Her skin appears washed out, and it’s anything but natural-looking. We say, it’s ok to go blonde, but tone it down and try something more beige instead.



Britney Spears

First Christina, now Britney – What is it with former Mouseketeers and hair mishaps? This ashy, light brown color is not Britney’s best choice. With that tan skin, the hair washes out her features and makes her look older. We think she should stick with her signature, fresh blonde look!


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