7 Professional Tips For DIY Hair Color

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We know it’s tricky, but you don’t have to be afraid to color your hair at home. Here are some tips from eSalon’s colorists for the best DIY hair color application:

Color Selection

Choose a color within two shades of your natural color. Going outside of this range could look unflattering and unnatural.

Read the Instructions

Read your personalized instructions thoroughly every time you apply color. eSalon’s instructions may look different from the standard boxed colors you’re used to, because they’re actually personalized to your individual hair. So certain details, such as the developing time, also may vary based on your hair.

Section Hair Correctly

The biggest trick to achieving an even, professional application is creating four sections of hair and coloring one at a time. Start by parting your hair down the middle into two pigtails. Then make a horizontal part just behind your ear and trace it across the crown to the other ear. Clip each of the four regions and you’re ready to color!

Enlist Help

It may not be possible all of the time, but a helping hand from a friend can make it much easier to get even coloring, especially in the back. If no one is available, check out our article on coloring the back of your own hair.

Start with the Roots, Then Ends

Always apply color to the regrowth (or roots) first. If you’re doing an allover application, color the ends right after the roots. The “ends” means all of the hair below the regrowth at your scalp. (So it’s not just the very end, but the whole length of hair that is previously colored).

Check out our How-To Videos for a great tutorial on coloring your roots and ends.

Finish with Shine & Rinse

This is eSalon’s secret straight from professional salons. It ensures an even application without overly darkening the ends, plus a fresh, shiny burst of allover color. Make sure to follow your Personalized Instructions carefully to get the best results.

Check out our How-To Video for a tutorial on doing the Shine & Rinse step.


After your color application, follow up with a moisturizing conditioner, such as eSalon Color Safe Conditioner. This will help seal in the new color and prevent fading, while also adding healthy shine to your locks.

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